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Vertical gardens indoors

There are many examples of facades covered with plants and vertical gardens in backyards. Here you can see examples of vertical gardens indoors of houses and building access . Two images of systems for locating plants on vertical surfaces . Surely the photos you will be an inspiration, because if you have interest in this matter now is highly likely to end up installing at least a vertical garden at home. postings here Review the literature on home gardens , follow this link, no content relevant.

 gardens indoors

Small vertical garden in a living room
The small-sized vertical gardens is very suitable for interior decoration .

Not all small plants or seedlings carrying tiny colorful leaves, and may have seen in other examples, there are gardens with plants of similar size to that typically seen in potted houseplants .

Vertical garden the size of a bedroom decorative box
These facilities come from the new trend so unfolds experience to develop media and systems . Also the choice and combination of plant matter which is expected variety and successes by the intervention of designers.

Vertical garden in the kitchen wall
The indoor vertical gardens used to decorate, flavored environments and also to provide resources for the kitchen with plants and edible aromatic .

Example of vertical garden decorative plants grown
The photos vain to give you ideas. You may not find the brackets, wall panels or systems on the market where you live, but may well try some simple construction that supports small pots or hanging box with shelves as planters.

Plants decorative wall panel, as picture in the living room
In the picture below, the vertical garden is located on a wide column inside a modern building.

Ornamentals access to a building
See the gardening section of this architectural blog , check the sidebar menu. To see other postings about vertical gardens follow this link.

Vertical support for vertical garden pots
Below you see a box with shelves for planting and place on a wall. Several systems and media that are watching, this is a novelty for which is expected to further adoption and market development. In each image there is a web address overprinted, magnify the picture to read it.

Model wall panel with shelves for vertical garden
These walled gardens offer advantages that can take into account when designing their installation in our house:
Vertical gardens space advantage and provide your original presence.
They offer decorative motifs to indoor environments.
Rejoice and vitalize a house, plants add life .
The “green walls” offer colors , textures , effect of three dimensions , aesthetics and the ability to support the arts .

In the kitchen, a vertical garden can give you enough production of herbs and seasoning fresh for lunch.
Plants breathe and clean the air throughout the day. Requiring minimal maintenance , although it depends on the system and the plants chosen for the vertical garden.