Garden Interior Decoration

Vegetable gardens for interior decoration

Create vegetable gardens indoors. Create an indoor garden at home without having terrace or balcony ! Tables, stools and table centerpieces, vegetable gardens or glass walls. Many spent the day locked in their cages like birds in our work, offices, shops … and also in homes without a balcony or terrace . But do not worry because there is a solution! An alternative to compensate for the lack of contact with nature is to create an interior decoration to give the illusion of being in the garden without leaving home. And it is that the plants encourage anyone! Having a small outdoor space to grow plants gives a lot of life, but not all are lucky to have one. How about creating a mini garden indoors?

interior decoration

The interior designer Chandra Design gives four ideas for indoor vegetable gardens:

1. A table and garden center
Tables with plant secrets are a way to integrate a small garden home decor without altering any space, the inner drawer can be placed in the small foundation plants creating a tapestry of different greens and textures.

You can find tables with glass and economic and include your vegetable drawer. For longer they can be placed small cacti or succulents that last long and have water inside, so you have to water them little. If you do not want to complicate use artificial plants .

You can they combine these tables with stools covered with artificial grass give a fun and natural touch! A simple and inexpensive way to get them is to cover any old stool that you have at home and give it a new look in no time. Furthermore you can combine table and stools with a mirror or box lined with plants or turf.

2. Nature Center table
With a small glued carpet to put artificial turf on a tray and placed on a table we will have a center of economic super original and also to get the charm of a small indoor garden table.

3. Vertical gardens indoors
Another idea is to place vertical gardens inside with natural or artificial plants, one possibility is to create panels with shelves or boxes filled with plants.

4. Crystal Gardens
Elegant and delicate, they are also very simple to do, just have to have glass containers from glasses, centerpieces, jars … helps us all! Fill them with soil, plants planted in them crass and then we can decorate with natural stones we catch the field … very natural!