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Vanity Styles

Of all the furniture in the room of a woman, the vanity is undoubtedly the most luxurious and attractive. The toilets, sometimes also called “flirty tables”, consisting of a table with mirror well lit make-up normally served, space available for personal items and can also have a decorative function, especially when decorated with pictures, perfume, flowers and memories. A dresser can serve as shelter in a home shared female.

 Vanity Styles

Simple Dresser
The simplest vanities can be a rectangle with four legs , with or without drawers. Like the rest of vanities, must also have a mirror on the table or hung in front of her at the right height. This type of dressing is usually wood, painted or natural, and often combine other materials such as metal and glass or wood and wicker. They also usually include a matching stool.

Vanity Dresser
Some dressers or flirty look more like cupboards . Below the rectangular table, the table is usually equipped with a column of drawers and a leg or two columns of drawers for legs. The space for the stool or chair is in the middle. Mirrors can be glued to the table or hung in front of her, most of the mirrors are usually the same material as the table or similar. Some toilets have a board lift able with mirror underneath. So, when you open the dashboard shows the mirror and the space below is used simply for storage.

Dresser semicircular
One of the most popular is toilets semicircular, namely an oval table with a curved slit in the center. This type of dressing may have drawers under the table and a skirt attached to both sides. You can also include a nice matching stool.

Additional information
The toilet usually represents the feminine part home and so his style tends to stand out from other standard bedroom furniture. Some types of toilet are very curved legs, such as Queen Anne or French style. They also usually have well decorated framed mirrors. The board itself can be wicker, glass, mirror or painted wood. The shabby chic look, pristine and elegant, is usually very popular with toilets, and painted boards cake and small compartments equipped with end to give that feminine touch.