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How to deal with vandalism at home

Vandalism in the home violates your sense of security and personal safety. You should feel safe in the comfort of your home, but once a home is destroyed, you lose personal safety. It should take important steps to insure a home in order to provide existing security. Vandalism is a violation of the safety and rights of a person. Take preventive measures so that vandalism not occur more than once.


vandalism at home

1. Call the police immediately if there are signs that someone has entered your home. Make a list of items lost, broken and out of place. Take pictures and do not touch anything for the authorities to take fingerprints.

2. Stay calm so you can pass on details to law enforcement officials. Understand that the authorities work hard to investigate an assault. Ask a patrol police monitor your home and neighborhood for safety.

3. Inform the insurance company about the vandalism. Keep copies of the police report and other important facts. Send information to the company and asked what the deductible before compensation. Make a list and take photos or video of everything in your home for easy replacement and remember the items missing.

4. Makes it difficult for a vandal using bright light and motion detectors. Close the garage and windows throughout the home. Invest in a security system and put the name of the security company in the windows. Get involved in surveillance. Tell neighbors about the event in your home and ask them to take a look and do the same. Think about installing a video camera if the vandalism continues to be able to catch the vandal at the time.

5. Think suspicious actions that may have occurred several days or weeks before the robbery. Try to remember if you noticed an unfamiliar face hanging around your neighborhood or an unknown car near your home. Ask yourself if you had a recent information someone or an enemy who sought revenge. Ask your partner or children if they had a fight with someone or if you can think of who might have been able to steal a house.

6. Stop in or call the police officer who is taking your case if you think there are more details. Get on with your case. Stay in touch with the home insurance company.