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8 New Uses for Old Chairs

Don’t throw out your old and worn out chairs just yet. Because, here we have for you some unique ideas to turn old and rickety chairs into new and exciting pieces of furniture. It is always wonderful when you can transform everyday objects into extraordinary things that are rare and exceptional. So put on your creative gloves and breathe new life into old chairs. Update your interior design by making a French-style bench or enjoy warm spring days in your own backyard chair swing. Choose any of these very interesting ideas and give a boring chair a playful new style.

French-Style Bench From Old, Broken Chairs

french style bench

This is not your usual DIY chair bench where they line two or more chairs up side-by-side and add a plywood seat to make a bench. This DIY French-Style Bench is much more appealing and decorative and it doesn’t look at all like something you just put together without any though.

Ladder-Back Shelf

ladder shelf

Here is a very interesting idea, to reuse an old chair by turning it into a wall shelf. You can use it in the bathroom as a shelf and a towel rack as well or with the right paint job and ornaments it can fit in any area of the house.

Chair Swing

chair swing

Make a little person happy by giving them endless hours of fun with their own backyard swing. Find a regular dining room chair, paint it in a fun color and then the hard part is that you need to hang the swing on an actual tree, which is not just throwing the ropes over the tree limb as that can seriously damage the tree. But don’t worry there is a solution for that as well just follow the tutorial and make your own chair swing.

Side Table from Directors Chair

Remove the back and arms of an old directors chair and using the lower part of the chair and some tempered glass create a very stylish end table. Take on this project and with a minimal cost you can make a very modern and chic furniture piece.

Clothing Rack from Folding Chairs

Maximize your storage capacity by using the most of your wall space. It is an extremely simple project which only requires that you hang the chairs on curved hooks that will be long enough so there is enough space for the chairs to be unfolded.

Chair Planter

chair planter

Beautify your garden or living area by decorating it with this lovely chair planter. With spring well on its way, it is high time to do some planting, and to showcase your beautiful plants you will need an exceptional planter.

Bedroom dress boys

Everybody has a chair filled with clothes that are not clean enough to go in the closet, but are also not ready for laundry either. But a full chair takes up too much space of the room, which can be used in a far more useful way. This projects presents the perfect solution to still keep your midway clothes chair and free up space in your bedroom at the same time.

Chair headboard

chair headboard

Are you bored of your headboard? If you are, then create this interesting and unique headboard from old chairs. Choose different styles of chairs, each special in its own way, then put them together to create a headboard with a real character.