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What kind of paint should be used for wooden furniture?

To say that a piece of furniture is unfinished means that it has not completely sanding or that has not been sealed, stained or painted. There are no major differences in the type of paint used on these wooden furniture unfinished versus finished wood furniture. The only difference is in the preparation of each piece of furniture to paint. Many paints are suitable for all wooden furniture. Some paints are preferred over others because they are easier to use and easier to clean.
unfinished furniture


Interior painting water-based glossy or semi gloss acrylic or latex is a common choice for a furniture unfinished. Enamel paints oil based can also be used as an attractive and durable paint for unfinished furniture. However, cleaning this type of paint is much more difficult for water-based paints.


Latex gloss paint / acrylic is applied to a free end with a brush after that has movable drying primer. This painting can also be covered with a clear coat to protect the paint job with or without this layer, gloss paint dries shiny. The gloss enamel is applied in a manner similar to latex and dried to achieve a bright and sharp finish.


Latex paint water based runs smoothly and is easy to clean when it is still wet. Finished with gloss or medium gloss are easier to clean than matte finish; dust and stains are cleaned quite easily, an important feature for furniture that will touch, move and manipulate. The oil-based enamel is durable and resists dirt.

Surface Preparation
The unfinished furniture must be sanded and print before applying any paint. The smooth surface sanded offers contemporary style and rustic sanding work gives the furniture a more rustic style. Either way, be sure to dust the furniture before applying primer and paint. The primer is necessary to prevent paint from seeping into the wood, which is naturally porous.

Items needed
To apply a latex paint (or nail) to an unfinished furniture, you need sandpaper to sand the furniture, primer and brushes. A cloth or newspaper to protect the floor under the furniture is also a good idea.