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How to use a bedroom set

Bedroom sets are usually composed of a bed, a dresser and a cabinet or wall unit with drawers. Sometimes also incorporates a nightstand. If you buy one of these games will have no problem in making your bedroom look combined. Although, you may have another problem: your bedroom could be boring, as it is too combined. Arrange the furniture in a functional and aesthetic, using accessories to liven up the look of your room.

use a bedroom set


Place the bed in a place where you can sleep peacefully. Leave it in a place where you can see the door, so you know when someone walks through the door, but away from any light coming from the outside and interfering with your rest. If your home is located in a quiet neighborhood and enjoy the sounds of night or morning, put your bed next to a window.

Place nightstands on either side of the bed. This will allow you to read at night or you have your glasses to hand. If in the game you purchased bedroom not including bedside tables, choose ones that are made ​​of a different material to change the look of the room. For example, move a file cabinet black and low height in a room with white furniture. Or put small tables wrought iron patio furniture in a room made ​​of maple and cherry.

Locate a comfortable floor, which has built a mirror directly opposite a window or door. This will make the mirror reflects light and illuminates the room.

Moves a highboy to a corner near the closet. This will allow you to open the drawers or cupboard doors and comfortable at the same time. Instead of placing the dresser directly against the wall, place it at an angle between two walls in a corner to arm’s bedroom a more interesting way.

Use bedding with prints that combine, sheets and bedspreads with many cushions if you like. The prints mixed with solid colors make a bedroom look more alive. Use different ways to decorate your windows to avoid that aspect too combined.

Use accessories to decorate unconventional spaces. The possibilities are many: a beautiful scarf, made ​​in Central America or Asia; ceramic you bought at a thrift store or your children’s drawings framed.