Urban Gardening – Edens of the City

Urban Gardening is the concept of bringing nature into the densely populated towns and cities that many people live in.

Whether it’s a small apartment window, a roof, a balcony, or an expanse of tarmac, it can transform any area into a full flourishing Eden.

Strange Idea?
To many, the concept of growing urban gardens, or even “urban homesteading” is quite an alien idea. The concrete jungles seem a far cry from the more green and pleasant areas we would normally associate with growing and gardening.

The truth, however, is that this type of gardening is a very real and viable possibility, and nowadays more and more people are latching on to the concept, and reaping the benefits from it.

There is no rule book stating that just because you happen to live in a high-rise, or have no access to a garden, you can not create your own thriving green living space.

Containers Are a Popular Choice
In these situations, containers are usually your best option. They are extremely versatile, and can be moved to wherever you want them – obviously, the areas with the most light will usually be the more successful growing areas. Windowsills and window boxes are particularly suitable for growing your own herbs and other foods.

For those of us living in the town or city sprawl, but with only limited green area space, these gardens can come into their own with some planning and forethought. Even with just a tiny patio or courtyard, with the right light, you can grow an abundance of food and plants just by carefully planning ahead, and planting appropriate crops according to the type of area available to you.

Vertical Gardening
The gardens are often vertically orientated – a method otherwise known as vertical gardening. This is where you take advantage of the airspace above or below your small growing area by using climbing or cascading plants such as strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants, runner beans and dwarf varieties of fruits and vegetables, we say dwarf varieties as the fruits tend to be less heavy, faster-growing, and put less strain on the vines.

Square foot gardening along with raised bed gardening is used a lot in these types of gardens to get the highest yield possible from the given area.

Getting More Popular
Urban gardening is increasing in popularity, and will become important to many of us in the near future as space on this overcrowded planet becomes more of a premium. Some are also looking into doing it as an act of preparedness for the uncertain times many believe may lay ahead.

Nowadays, in just about every town and city in the western world, there are community groups that come together to transform their living space, or to target formerly run-down areas, turning them into green paradises.

There are even cooperatives springing up that engage in something called urban agriculture, which actually farms and sells food that has been grown.