Unusual Places to Hang a Picture Frame

Love displaying your photos or art? If you live in a home that doesn’t have a lot of wall space (or perhaps you have just moved to a smaller house), the lack of obvious wall space can cause a decorating dilemma. Perhaps you’ve got a wall space, but if you put up your framed items and consider the space and furniture around, it looks awkward. Sometimes, you have a really large piece, but you got no space big enough for it. Or perhaps you’re the type of homeowner who want to try something new than hanging the frame on the walls.

Whatever of these situations you may be facing, here are some fresh ideas for hanging your picture frames:


1. Hang it on the bookshelf

If your walls are loaded, you can hang a picture frame on a bookshelf. Utilize the shelf dividers and put a nail on the area where you prefer to hang the frame. You may also use a sticky command hook if you don’t want to nail something in the furniture. Just make sure you hang it between the spots where rarely-grabbed books and items are stored, so it will hardly ever disrupt taking off something from the shelf.

2. Hang it on the middle of a window

Sometimes, the windows don’t offer a great view or simply let in too much sunlight. You can hit two birds in one stone by hanging your homeless picture frame in the muntin of a window, or that middle bar that supports adjacent window panes. You can stick a hook in there because you most probably can’t and don’t want to put a nail.

3. Hang it on an angled ceiling

Angled ceilings are often found in the attic, and sometimes, the slope can get overwhelming for the eyes because it may occupy too much visual space. Make that space more interesting by hanging some picture frames. Just make sure you use mounting hardware on top and at the bottom of the frame, because the surface is not a straight wall.

4. Hang it by the door

Instead of a wreath or a sign, hang a beloved framed artwork on your front door. Or if you think it would get discolored by the sun if you put it there, hang it by your bedroom door. If you need to, secure the frame with mounting hardware for both top and bottom to avoid accidental fall-downs in case of a forceful opening or closing of the door.

5. Hang it in an unused fireplace

A beautiful artwork is a perfect decoration for a non-working fireplace. We’re not talking about the mantel or the space above the fireplace – we’re talking about the firebox itself. Get your firebox closed so you can just lean it on the wall. But if it’s too small for that, you can always use hooks.

6. Hang it on the sides of the stairs

You wanted to make a gallery wall out of your cute frames but don’t have the space to do so? Use the sides of your stairs. It can offer enough space for hanging a series of photos that are dear to you.

7. Hang it from the ceiling as a room divider

Perhaps you moved to a smaller apartment or condominium unit to live alone, and you got no bedroom with walls. You can create a clear separation from your living area to your bed area using a big hanging painting. Using ceiling hooks, you can hang a painting or artwork to visually divide the area, and let the right side of the artwork face the living room area. If you want the piece to hang lower, you can use a picture hanging cord.

8. Hang it on the bathroom wall

Bathrooms are not just used for hygiene, grooming and doing your thing. It can also be an area where you show off your creative side. Bathrooms are usually under decorated, but if it’s the only place with a spacious wall in your house, perhaps you can decorate it with your frames. Of course, it’s better to put it only on the dry parts of the bathroom and not on the shower.

9. Hang it on a mirror

If there’s a huge mirror you are willing to sacrifice, you can make a statement out of it by placing a framed art in front. The mirror can serve as a reflective “outer frame” of your art, adding to its style.

10. Hang it between the curtain rod and mirror

If your curtain rod is placed significantly far from the top border of your window, you can use this awkward wall space to get creative. Hang aptly sized frames in that part of the wall. This way, when you open your drapery, it doesn’t just reveal the outdoors – it also surprises your guests with a hidden art.