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What types of houses have rounded arches inside?

The architectural style of a house includes features and materials that separate it from other home designs. For example, the support columns of distinctive and large porches immediately separate a house Arts and Crafts of other architectural styles. In addition, the arches for doors and interior entrances distinctive architectural elements are often used in homes designed to recreate the charm of the Old World.

Tudor Revival
The Tudor architecture features rounded arches, stone, wood paneling and distinctive network of wooden beams on the outside of the manor houses. The interior of a Tudor home includes stone carvings, leaded glass and large rooms that create an atmosphere of grandeur inside the house. Homeowners can decorate with Gothic elements, such as a coat of arms above the stone fireplace and windows that filter the light entering the large rooms.

types of houses


French countryside
The rounded arches on a French countryside home style add to the cozy setting and appearance, in contrast to the majesty of a Tudor mansion. The style of decoration of a house has a rustic French owners can create furniture painted white and aged appearance. The French country house combines a relaxing rustic look with the elegance of fine furniture French .

Spanish Mission
The architectural style of Spanish mission includes features inspired by the Spanish churches. The arches on the inside of these houses add rustic charm to the interior decorated with heavy dark wood furniture, earth tones and wrought iron. The characteristics of architectural Spanish mission house include exposed beams, plaster walls and red tile roof.


Italian Renaissance
The Italian Renaissance-style design is similar to the Spanish mission and falls in the category of Mediterranean architecture. The Italian Renaissance houses have rounded arches, stucco walls, wrought iron decor and natural stone floors. Italian households have a delicate appearance and include windows, ceiling medallions and stone sculptures. The furniture is dark, heavy and elegant color.