Turn your phone into the smartest tool

The detection and measurement tools have become indispensable in DIY projects and reforms at home. Latest technology works with elements such as lasers, which have become obsolete as the tape measure certain useful lifetime.
Enter the twenty-first century with Ryobi Phone Works ™ , the kit devices that transform your mobile phone into an intelligent tool not … but in seven! Lets talk about Turn your phone into the smartest tool.

smartest tool

Need to measure the surface of a wall painting to calculate or wallpaper that you buy to decorate? Or maybe you have to measure soil? The tape of life can serve you, but we all know that is uncomfortable. Also, you have to carry around a pen and paper to write down the steps, and then identify costs written hastily scribbling … Moreover, in your decoration projects also sure you’ve met many times with the ballot boxes have to hang straight, paint stripes on the wall or other tasks where it is essential to have a level. That, not counting times when you need to know the temperature or degree of humidity, those in which we do not know what’s behind a light partition (pipes, profiles, etc.) … and many more.

These are situations where it is necessary to have specific tools, which most do not have in the shop. Ryobi Phone Works ™ solves all these problems at once: this innovative kit includes seven devices that turn your mobile phone into the corresponding useful, thanks to a free and easy app to download. You join?

Practical accessories

Case saved

The kit Ryobi Phone Works ™ is complemented by a case that has room to store up to five devices. You can store them in order in a sheltered spot resistant, and will also serve to transport. The case has foam padding inside to prevent damage to the devices, and has extra storage for batteries, clips, etc. Its small size and compact form help monetize the space in the house or workshop.

With tripod, better

Some of the Ryobi Phone Works ™ devices win whole if complemented by a tripod. They take a clip that serves to connect the phone to the device, which has an input for standard tripods. This accessory will allow, for example, projected maintain horizontal and vertical lines of the laser level when hanging pictures, wallpaper, etc.