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Tricks to keep the house cool

There is no question of arriving at our home and this looks like a furnace. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help keep our homes cool without the air conditioning . The ideal temperature in the house at this time of year is 20 degrees and starting from there, says these tips.

the house

Tips to keep the house cool

1. Although temperatures are high is advisable to have the house well ventilated. This is best done in early morning or evening when the air is cooler, so get ventilate the space without coming heat.

2. Lower the blinds in the middle of the day. On hot days should lower the blinds to stop the heat but let the breeze through the holes.

3. Window well insulated. This topic usually worries us only in winter, but like at this time escapes through these holes heat our homes, summer will come for them. If our house is exposed to sunlight, it is best to place awnings covering the windows and prevent excessive impact on the rays.

4. Avoid turning on electrical appliances and lights. No matter how small this issue a heat lamp. So we keep off all that prove dispensable. Contrary to what we may think appliances, such as computer or TV in standby mode or “stand-by” (with red light on) also generate heat. Using the oven in the kitchen these days is “prohibited” unless absolutely necessary.

5. Fill your home green . Especially plant with green leaves and large. Sprayed water on these and watch refrestan the environment.

6. Water your terrace or balcony . When the sun goes down you can refresh the surfaces around your home. Especially if they have affected the rays.

7. fans. It is recommended that if these are located on the roof the rotation is left to attract hot air. If we only have standing fans is important that during the day the hot air expelled into the street and at night attract fresh air into the house.