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Trends in Decoration that are not taken away anymore

The trends in decoration are also evolving and tend to fit the style of each owner. A house says a lot about our personality so our decoration has to change its costume also from time to time. For this season, the experts bring us the some trends that should no longer be used. So if you want to bring your style of life to life with a decoration worthy of your style and last, say goodbye to the open spaces and note the following tips you should not use.

Trends in Decoration

It is fundamental that, before any advice, your home always preserves the decoration that best fits and defines itself with you. If you want to know in advance, what it is that you DO NOT take this is what you need to know:

  1. Farewell to the Mid-century decor: The furniture of this style usually end up mixed with pieces that in the end make this Kitsch style of the 50’s. If you can get rid of them do it the style furniture of the mid-19th century are more fashionable and better yet never cease to be.
  2. No cowhide rugs or other animals: It is necessary to recognize that the minimal touch is not bad but has remained in the past and more. If they are natural hair, these are best buried forever. Kilim or jute style carpets look just as good. Try them.
  3. The Edison Light Bulbs best covered: The light bulbs should not be seen, is one of the decoration trends that I think more austerity have given. In addition, even worse is to place these type of bulbs’ Edison in lamps that are not designed for this type of lights. The bulbs best cover them.
  4. Plants XL: Well they are very nice, and if you know them, they take care of you and they live better. Where they put the flowers, they will remove the rest. The plants are left behind, decorate your table centers with flowers and give color to your spaces.
  5. Industrial Look: The polished metal tube its golden moment, but now the coldness of this type of materials has become obsolete. What they wear are warm metals and, to be able to be, gold. Not only are they fashionable, they give more elegance and sophistication to your spaces and combine better with the decoration.
  6. Bar trolleys not, please: They can be used parts, and put well if they are decorated and placed in the correct way but it is more difficult to get this than to change it and move on to something else. In the end, they end up being carts full of junk that mess up the space and give a feeling of visual pollution not pleasant. Get rid of this element, gain in space, light, and order.
  7. Clear spaces everywhere: It is okay to have clear spaces and free of furniture or obstacles, but having them everywhere gives only a feeling of cold and empty. If there are places in your home that can be used do it, we cannot take this style to the extreme.
  8. Posters with positive phrases: Have posters in your house, as decorative ‘pictures’ are not bad if they are not abused or placed anywhere. Still, our advice is that as a substitute for these posters put modern pictures or inspiring photographs and according to your decor, pretty words save them for other moments and papers.
  9. Do not Vintage Abuses: This is very fashionable but we do not have to return our home at our grandmother’s house. A piece of vintage, a sofa, a carpet or a picture, even some space more decorated than normal but that is left alone in that area, not bad, the trick is to find the balance and to be able to mix the past with the future.