Classic Wooden Toys Ideas for Kids

In this era where the world is getting more concerned about the environment, wooden toys are becoming more popular and preferable than their plastic and metal counterparts. Wooden toys bring back the memories when playtime was simpler. These toys are also appealing because it is natural, non-toxic and very durable – your kids can eventually pass these toys down to their future children! Keep your kids away from too much use of electronic gadgets, video games, and battery-operated toys, and opt for classic wooden toys they will surely enjoy. Also prefer wooden climbing frame for your children that make your child fit and active. Here are some ideas:

1. Wooden train tracks

1. Wooden train tracks

Give your little boy (or a little boy you know) a wonderful gift on Christmas or on his birthday with a wooden train track like the one sold in the online toy stores uk. A lot of new train tracks are made of metal or plastic, but a good old-fashioned wooden train track is a unique toy your kids will love. It allows the child to expand the tracks and create their own design, helping them to get more creative than simply following instructions on a pre-boxed, commercial variant. It would also look gorgeous around a Christmas tree as well.

2. Wooden dollhouse

2. Wooden dollhouse

Most little girls love to own a dollhouse. If you’re a DIYer, try building a simple, open-design dollhouse with 2×2 boards and your scrap pieces of plywood. Paint it with your girl’s favorite colors, add “wallpaper” using decorative paper, and build miniature furniture pieces with real wood. Let your little one’s imagination soar with this toy. It’s a gift that can surely please your girl. You can also check this site if you’re looking for high-quality Kids Kitchen Step Stools. 

3. Geometric stacking blocks

Do you remember those plastic stacking toys you played with as a kid (or that your kids play with)? A wooden geometric block stacker is a sturdier version of the plastic variants found in most toy stores or the toy shop. The different colors alone can keep babies and toddlers entertained. Use blocks in different sizes to help them develop agility, dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

4. Rocking horse

4. Rocking horse

An oldie but a goodie, a wooden rocking horse is a classic toy for your little one. This toy provides imaginative exercise for a baby or a toddler while helping them develop basic balance and coordination skills. Instead of paying for hundreds of dollars for a rocking horse at a toy store, you can just build it on your own using a few boards that you have left over from your other projects. Plus, you can customize it all you want. Create a rocking horse for your baby’s first birthday or as a create it as a gift for a friend’s baby shower.

5. Wooden puzzles

Wooden puzzles are back in style for preschoolers and younger kids. While it isn’t available in hundred pieces or more, these puzzles are sturdier than the common puzzles made of cardboard, so it works great with young children who have no sense of taking care of their toys just yet. Puzzles are great for developing a child’s logical thinking, creativity, and hand-and-eye coordination.

6. Wooden shape sorting cube

A classic toy for toddlers, wooden shape sorting cubes and parts are sturdier and less of a choking hazard than their plastic counterparts. It’s a great way to help young children develop color and shape recognition, and basic problem-solving skills.

7. Wooden teethers and rattles

If you know someone expecting a child, give them a set of DIY wooden teethers and rattles. Carve fun animal shapes so it would be cute enough to be displayed and interesting enough for a baby to play with. And since it is made of wood, you don’t have to worry about the chemicals – plastic teethers contain a lot of harmful chemicals.

8. Wooden oversized tic-tac-toe

Level up the classic game of tic-tac-toe by using 9 wooden cubes and a wooden board that can fit these cubes on a 3×3 style. It’s fun and easy to DIY, and it’s totally customizable. You can make it more exciting than using plain Xs and Os. Plus, it’s a great toy for children of all ages (and even for the whole family).

9. Wooden toy toolbox

For your future handyman in the house, give him or her a solid wood toy toolbox with colorful wooden tools inside. Besides being great for imaginative play, this helps your child get acquainted with real tools they would have to use in the future. If you’re a DIY mom, it’s the best way to influence them with your love for craft and fixing things.

10. Wooden instrument set

Get a wooden percussion instrument set like a xylophone for your child. There are toys that have a lot of options for making music, which can keep your child busy for hours. These musical toys are great for helping kids develop rhythmic and audio skills.

11. Wooden building blocks

While Lego sets are the most popular building blocks available, there are still wooden building blocks that you can buy. Lego is too mainstream, so give your kid a one-of-a-kind toy that his playmates probably don’t have by picking blocks made of wood. These toys help children enhance their creativity, develop planning skills and build coordination.

12. Wooden play kitchen

Aside from a dollhouse, a play kitchen is one of the little girls’ most sought-after toys. If you have space, you can buy or make a play kitchen out of an old, low cabinet for your little girl. Imagine how much fun she’d have with the miniature kitchen with sink, burners, and cabinets, where she can also store her wooden kitchen accessories and wooden food sets. Play kitchens are great for imaginative play and role-playing. You’ll never know – she might be a chef in the making!