Top Trending Bicycle Gadgets to Get You Excited About Your Next Ride

The right bicycle gadget can breathe new life into your riding routine and inspire you to take your next ride. Whether you have a fat tire cruiser, hybrid or road bike, cycling gadgets that are more high-tech than a cruiser bike basket can get you back in the saddle. From high-tech navigation tools to action cameras that can capture any view and the latest all-in-one bike computers, here are a few gadgets currently trending among cyclists.

Action Cameras and Smart Headgear

Wearable technology makes capturing and sharing footage of epic excursions easier for cyclists to do than ever before. The market-leading action cameras are smaller devices than earlier releases that are capable of capturing 1080p video at 60 frames per second. Entry-level models may have 720p cameras. Whether you want to document your efforts to push the limits of a hybrid or mountain bike or just show off stylish cheap electric bikes for sale, cycling cameras can be a perfect choice for any social media-savvy cyclist.

Smart helmets and glasses are also among the most trendy bike gadgets. These wearables provide head, neck and eye protection while also offering much-desired hands-free communication, entertainment and navigation functions. Casual riders, commuters and committed cyclists should look for gear with features that get them excited to keep on hitting the road or trail.

Next-Generation Handlebar Navigation

Many cycling gadgets, from GPS navigation systems to bike computers, are designed for handlebar mounting. A single device may be capable of providing turn-by-turn urban navigation or trail guidance with or without a synced smartphone. Some all-in-one systems combine directional information with performance metrics.

One of the most eye-catching recent releases are stylish handlebars that feature built-in headlights, directional signals, horn, speedometer and wayfinding functionality. Many of the devices getting the most attention from cycling gadget reviewers are integrated components capable of replacing a number of devices previously considered handlebar mainstays.

Bike Computers and Power Meters

The days when top-of-the-line bike computers were only useful for processing ANT+ sensor readings are long gone. The latest bike computers provide complete hands-free assistance, riding safety, security and a full suite of performance monitoring features for heart rate, pedaling cadence and speed. Many models are also designed to process and display output from ANT+ or Bluetooth-connected sensors or power meters.

Serious road cyclists can enhance the functionality of most of the latest bike computers by pairing these systems with advanced meter pedals. High-end systems take precise readings of left and right power, but more affordable single-sensor versions that calculate total output based on single-pedal readings are also popular. Tracking performance metrics makes it possible to learn more about the way you ride and set specific goals to guide a training regimen.

Any of these gadgets might be the trick to renewing your excitement to ride. Keep in mind that technological solutions are just part of the equation. Even though the weather may be cooler and daylight hours are shorter, seasonal riding garments and fun safety gear such as illuminated wearables can help you get pumped up for your next ride.