Top Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

Whether you’re thinking about staging a vacant home to sell or putting a fully furnished house on the market, making a sale happen is an intimidating job. Even before you finally get your home on the listings, the process will be quite stressful and demanding. On one hand, you’ve got this property to maintain so that someone will take it off your hands. On the other, you probably have some investment or major purchase pending until the first task is accomplished.

Fortunately, there are some useful home selling tips if you are asking how to sell my house fast ohio. While these may vary according to how large a home you have, whether you’re selling  an empty house vs. furnished, and several other factors, some pointers from experienced home sellers could make the whole phase a lot easier.

In addition to these tips and hacks, keep in mind that there’s a little bit of luck involved in making a sale this large. Keep at it, though, and the  following top tips to sell your home faster will probably be effective in the near future: If you need our help, visit the following link because in atlanta we buy houses.

1. Choose Agents Carefully

Choose Agents Carefully

If you choose an agent without much care, chances are that they won’t be guiding you through the fine details of selling a home or options such as sell my house for cash. As a result, your home might still be on the market for a ridiculously low price just because of an unkempt look or some other detail that the agent didn’t bother pointing out.

What you want is an agent who’s as eager to sell off the home for a good price as you are. They should be telling you about the aspects that need work and how you can improve certain spaces. What you don’t want is someone who simply locks the front door and calls intermittently about showings.

The best way to select a proper agent is to get referrals from your trusted circle of friends/family members. Consider your own needs as well; get help from an agent who knows something about design, staging a home, or fixing up the place if necessary. Be aware that there are several types of agents for selling houses, so it’s best to pick one that can help with your specific issues.

2. Check the House Market

Check the House Market

Selling a house means that you have to pay attention to the state of the current housing market. This is a market that has several ups and downs over the course of a year. Fortunately, these changes are usually on a schedule, so an expert can probably tell you the best time for selling.

For instance, November and December are not the most successful months for home sellers nowadays. It’s not impossible, but such a sale might be based more on luck and the need of the buyer than anything else.

You’re much more likely to have success during the spring. More buyers are looking at houses and apartments around this time, so this is when you can probably make a sale quicker. Try listing your home around late February or even later, so that the activity will reach your doorstep as well.

3. Invest in Professional Photos

You might think that your smartphone is enough to take gorgeous pictures of your home, but there’s no real replacement for the eye of an experienced photographer. When your real estate pictures are outstanding, they’ll highlight all the best features and show everything in the best possible light. With this in mind, investing in a professional photographer’s services doesn’t seem like a very tall order.

A decent photographer would come for the shoot during a sunny day. You might have to clear away some clutter and personal pictures as well, along with ensuring empty kitchen counters. Remember, these photos are going to be an essential part of the listing. If you make sure that they come out right, your pool of potential buyers is likely to get a lot bigger.

4. Manage the Price Range

Talk to a trusted agent and find out a realistic price range for your property. We are talking about your home, which is priceless in your eyes, but there’s a limited amount of money it can bring in. Keep in mind that what you paid for the place doesn’t really factor in much at present. What matters is the market condition at the time. If you’re looking to sell as fast as possible, you don’t really have to go for a very low price. However, smart pricing is the need of the hour.

You can go online and use a type of home estimate tool, which will help you get an idea of the price range you can get. After that, work with a realtor to get a starting price that makes sense in the current market and your own goals.

5. Work on Decluttering

Half the stress of staging and selling a house might be based on the work you have to do in order to make it presentable. When you’ve decided to list the home and sell it, start clearing out the clutter. This means going through all the crammed  cupboards, closets, and any area that’s overflowing with items. Have some garbage bags handy for throwing out and donating items instead of organizing everything you have.

Once you have less stuff to worry about, cleaning up and staging your home will become much easier. Plus, any potential buyers can now see the space they’re considering instead of the knickknacks or other things covering it.

6. Remove Personalized Elements

When you show your home to a buyer, they need to be able to visualize it as their own. They should be able to see their own marks on the property, which might be challenging to do if your family photos are staring out from every corner.

You could also start your packing a little early and get all those personal mementos out of the way before staging your place for a potential buyer. These include photos, personal documents, mail, paintings on the fridge, etc.

7. Staging the Home

After removing the clutter and personal stuff, the actual staging begins. If you want to make a quick yet beneficial sale, decorate your home to show off the best assets. That could mean rearranging furniture to have an open floor plan, removing bulky items, painting the walls in neutral shades, and making necessary repairs.

Also, do away with anything that could make your home seem outdated or tawdry. This includes a snow shovel resting outside in the summer, any holiday decorations (if the holiday isn’t going on right now), and so on. This way, you’ll be making the space appealing to any buyers. Plus, a clear and neat space will assure them that the house is ready to be moved into without much additional work.


These tips for selling your home faster may or may not work for everyone. The economy might not be in the best place, or the rates are just too high at the moment. However, following the steps above will help you attract the potential buyers who just might make an offer. If you don’t optimize the home you’re staging, chances are that you’ll turn off buyers before they even approach the place. Start getting active now, and the process might speed up much faster than you realize.

If you’re not in such a hurry to sell, consider working on larger projects such as a second story extension first.