Top facts When Choosing your Water bottle Manufacturer

The water bottle manufacturer plays a very crucial role in the process of packaging and final sale of your products and when selecting your manufacturer, you should be careful. It is therefore noticeable to do a thorough research, before you place an order, of what your requirements are and what the manufacturer can offer.

Choosing your water bottle manufacturer

Top facts When Choosing your Water bottle Manufacturer

Generally there are two sorts of bottles you may want: bottles for packaged drinking water for sale or distribution or reusable bottles, also known as sports bottles. While packaged drinking water is usually packaged in PET bottles, sports or reusable bottles can be made of rigid or flexible plastic, metal or even glass and should be sturdy enough to be used multiple times. The most basic thing in both case is that the bottles should make drinking water easy and keep handy for the majority. Besides, they should have a quality guarantee (no leaking).

The followings are some key things you may want to consider when choosing a water bottle manufacturer.

  • The track record of the manufacturer
  • Experience of the company
  • The MOQ (Minimum of Quantities) handled
  • After sales service
  • Good customer support
  • Whether you should buy closures or they are provided by your manufacturer.
  • Shipping and transport cost
  • Printing and decorating services are provided or not
  • Return policy considering if you are not satisfied with the products
  • Are sample orders available
  • Are the plastic bottles BPA free
  • Reliability
  • Timely deliveries
  • Quality control
  • Food grade plastic used for closures
  • How to pay for the order

Follow our water bottle manufacturer selecting list to find out your satisfied manufacturer and left with no defective product, because even a detail missed might impact your business reputation.

However, if you are looking for a high standards of water bottle manufacturer or supplier, one option we think you should consider is Everich, who worked with Starbucks, Target and Walmart. All these prove that they are a good supplier. They provide the right kind of water bottles that you need and can offer customed design for the bottles, no matter is printing, decorating or labeling options just give your requirements and they can offer they best bottles for you. However, most of clients they do not know what kinds of closures and materials of bottles they should choose, then do not hesitate to ask their sales as they offer not only the best prices but also their best service.

Find an affordable water bottle Manufacturer

Another key issue that you should not neglect the price. To find an affordable supplier of water bottles means your packaging costs are lower and so you can lower the prices to your consumer. Nowadays the water bottle market is becoming increasingly competitive and when you launch your products at a low price, you can attract your consumers.

Kinds of bottles

When you are selling your packaged drinking water, one thing you need to consider is if the PET bottles are eco friendly and lightweight. Why? This is because most consumers care about these and these bottles are commonly used. If you are looking at sports bottles or reusable bottles or stainless steel water bottles, you should have a range of materials that you can choose to build these bottles. For product differentiation, you can opt for the bottles in the following lists:

  • Unique designs
  • Convenient shapes
  • Different colors
  • Varied closures for ease of drinking
  • Printing and labeling options

Whether water bottles or sports bottles, brand recall and designing has an important role to play in sales and marketing – it is crucial if your aim is to sell millions of water bottles or even if you only need a small number of bottles for promotional activities.