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How to decorate a master bedroom with an upholstered headboard

The style of your upholstered headboard sets the tone for your bedroom decor. Header loops are reminiscent of Hollywood glamor , while brown leather header with metal studs are exposed contemporary. The purse headboards that fit well with traditional decor and lush padded headboards can be modern , depending on the fabric.


If your bed has a headboard with loops, decorate your master bedroom into a combination of glamorous and stylish scruffy but elegant styles. Hang a chandelier dripping with crystals on the bed or living room , place mats luxury faux fur on the floor and windows decorated with opulent silk curtains from floor to ceiling. Coordinates with linen curtains and the fabric on the upholstered headboard. For example, if your head is white, injected color bedding and curtains. You can do great with black, red or cobalt, or maintain the subtle decor with shades of yellow or green peach. Venetian glass mirrors cut into the walls are a necessity, are complemented by tables bedside mirror. Combine the rest area with the head about decorating with upholstered chairs, which also have stuffed backs.

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If your bed has a leather upholstered headboard, decorate your bedroom in a clean, contemporary style. Select bedside hardwood that complement the lines of the header. Install hardwood flooring that either complement or contrast with the other furniture . It’s ok to mix light and dark woods, especially in a contemporary setting. Roman shades bring softness to the room, keeping a contemporary setting. Select fabrics for bedding and curtains that complement the leather headboard while adding color to your room. If the skin is brown or black color, lights up the room with shades of red, cream and brown fabrics. Leather headboards white or cream stand on the deep rich colors and fabrics.

If your upholstered headboard has a shirred or thick padding, decorate your room with a traditional French. The gathered around the head may be straight or pleated. If the brow is tight, the French style is the way to go. The fabric of the headboard also guide you in decorating your room, flowers, pictures or other fussy printed fabrics shall be as traditional or French style, while solid colors are inclined to a traditional design. Straight hanging curtains and blinds in a traditional room. The billowing curtains are better for a French country decor. Hardwood floors work for both styles. Use the wooden bedside table and chairs back as the furniture in a traditional room. Use furniture painted and armchairs in a room in the style of the French countryside.