Bedroom Design

How to decorate a bedroom for a married couple

When decorating a room for a married couple, you should consider both the practical and the romance. The room should be a place where the two are completely comfortable and feel at home. It should serve as a refuge from the outside world and the memories of mutual respect and love. It is important not to let any of the two styles dominate the decor, or the couple may feel alienated in their own bedroom.



Avoid excessive embellishments. In an effort to make your room more romantic, women and some men tend to lean towards the four poster beds, many shades and enough candles to burn the house. While these things can be nice at first, are impractical. The canopies have just made ​​a knot so you do not get entangled in your sleep, and candles produce large amounts of dust over time. Instead of dressing up your room, turn it into a place that can be enjoyed regardless of how you feel loving. You’ll find that the activity level of your bedroom you really benefit by not requiring such a stir.

bedroom for a married couple


Use warm, romantic colors. Avoid pink and decidedly feminine colors that few men willingly put in their rooms . Likewise, unless you both really want colors like black, dark blue or white, should avoid them because they can make a room look naked “for a party.” Use red, brown, gold and cream colors to create a cozy atmosphere that both enjoy.

Have some alternative seats. So just do not always end up in bed when they want to enjoy the room, put a sofa two seater , sofa or Papasan for reading and watching television. Especially if you have kids, this will keep them out of bed, bedding protect and prevent serious food stains and feet. Alternative seats will keep your bed as a refuge for two at the end of the day, rather than a substitute for a sofa that uses 24-7.

Place the TV in a cabinet, if possible. While watching television in bed is a comfortable evening ritual, there will be times that both want to start the game, but find it hard to look away once you have begun to see. Having the option to not only turn off the TV, but have it out, help to improve the frequency and the implicit goal in the recreation room.

Keep artistic decorations. While you may want to keep some family photos on the walls or a picture of you two in a romantic bedside holiday decorations limited wall art where possible to avoid the feeling of being observed in bed or your partner distraction by thoughts of football practice tomorrow. Limited goodies like porcelain angels, teddy bears, other figures and small glass objects, so that your room does not become a messy treasure, but still a pleasant retreat for both.

Make sure everyone has enough pillows. While you may want to sleep on one pillow, each person will need two to sit on the bed to read or watch TV. It is a practical matter and makes everyone more comfortable.