Tips to Customize Sofa for Your San Diego Home

You are sitting in your Southwestern styled San Diego home, on a classic leather couch with a beautifully aged buttery glaze and bold printed pillows piled up. To top it all, you have a fantastic view of the pristine Coronado Beach. Could it get any better?

With the desert style home interior trending in the city, more people are leaning towards wild and funky sofas. While there are patrons for classic, conservative sofa styles, the younger generation prefers custom sofas in San Diego. Do you wish to elevate your home appeal with a cozy customized settee? Here are some superb tips to customize your sofa to make it super comfy yet functional.

Customize with the Right Frame

Most San Diego sofa designers prefer hardwood construction like kiln-dried oak and beech since they are quite durable.

Choosing the right frame size can bring a lot of customization, making your couch very useful. Ensure you select the frame that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Also, it is good to avoid particleboards that tend to have undesirable warping issues.

Choose the Right Size

Typically, the San Diego homes extend to about 2,500 square feet, with the average living room size close to 300 square feet.

The customized sofa you choose should neither be too big nor too small for your living space. Recliners are currently trending as custom sofas in San Diego, giving you plenty of options to customize your settee in different positions and angles.

Make sure all your family members can benefit from the customized sofa. It makes sense to check the seat depth so that even kids can sit comfortably.

Customize with the Right Fabric

Some popular sofa stores in San Diego present as many as 600 signature fabrics to match your couch with your home interior. Materials like linen and leather suit every San Diego home style, be it Spanish Colonial or Prairie.

If you have kids, you can customize your settee with bold printed fabrics that can hide dirt. However, make sure the material you choose is durable and suits your lifestyle.

Customize with the Right Color

This year, the naturalist palette, with colors ranging from leafy green to floral pink, has become a hot pick among San Diego homeowners.

Your customized sofa should live up to its reputation and not break away from the rest of the esthetics. For instance, you could go for a metallic color settee that goes very well with a pink wall.

Your sofa color should make the rest of the furniture pop out and blend naturally with the wall colors.

Customize Upholstery

You can customize the upholstery with the perfect pillow fabric, welt, and finish.

The attractive black and white and color printed throw pillows are quite a trend and go well with pastel color sofa. If you are conservative, you can add a pop of color with such cushions.

Last year, the best sofa stores in the city showcased their custom sofas at the San Diego Spring Home Show. You can attend such shows to get an idea. Do extensive research, check factors like joinery, and ensure that the sofa has quality filling with materials like polyurethane. Such factors will ensure you have a custom-made sofa that matches your home décor and is super functional.

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