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Tips to clean grease stains

With these tricks to clean grease stains will say goodbye to stains quickly, wherever they are.

Remove grease stains from the couch

The process for removing stains from upholstery is very similar to the clothes. With kitchen paper and oil absorbing light taps much as you can, then sprinkle talcum Polco, fuller’s earth or cornstarch. Wait until the fat is absorbed and vacuum with the dusting brush.

Remove grease stains from rugs or carpets

To clean grease stains from carpets turns back to the kitchen paper with soft taps and then uses a dry cleaning solvent. You can also apply a dry cleaning bar to absorb fat, wait a few minutes and brush it or vacuuming.


Remove grease stains wallpaper

If grease stains have befallen the wallpaper using a dry cleaning solvent. First, check the color fastness in an inconspicuous corner, not going to be that the remedy is worse than the disease.

Other tricks

For glass , Eva Sanchez recommended we dilute a teaspoon of starch in 1.2 liter of hot water and, with the help of a sponge, extend throughout the crystal. It is then dried and rubbed the glass with paper soaked newspaper with a dash of vinegar. Do not use this preparation never crystals that are located in full sun, as it will dry too quickly and not allow time to remove all dirt.

For clothes , María del Pino, recommended we take a drop of gasoline for lighters on the spot and put it in the washing machine. Meanwhile, Teresa Garrobo prefer a squeeze of lemon . Sonia Cobos gives a tip for when we meet with the ironing spot heat the area and recommended a few seconds (must be burning). Immediately sprinkle talcum covering the stain, and the garment aside when cold (no hurry) shake the garment and rub until no traces of talc. The stain is gone.