Tips for Taking Care of Furniture Removals

Whether you’re moving from one home to another or simply downsizing your living space, furniture removal is almost always part of the equation.

Regardless of the reason behind your move, you’ll need to remove anything that isn’t going to be moved along with you. Whether it’s because you bought a new home or simply didn’t have enough space in your current abode, removals are a common side effect of most real estate transactions.

Fortunately, this article will teach you everything you need to know about taking care of furniture removals so that it goes off without a hitch and doesn’t leave any nasty surprises behind when you finally settle into your new abode.

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Know What to Bring

One of the most important things that you need to know before beginning your furniture removals is what you need to bring along with you. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to have boxes or bags for all pieces of furniture. Most dealerships will provide boxes and padding materials for free, but sometimes they will charge for them. If you don’t have adequate supplies, start gathering any items that will help you transport your belongings.

Be Prepared for Anything

If you’re moving or if you’ve already moved and are preparing for furniture removal. It’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your removals go off without a hitch. You don’t want to end up with any extra headaches when it comes time to unpack everything and settle into your new home.

Accordingly, you should make sure that nobody will be present at the time of the removal so that nobody gets hurt. You should also make sure that all furniture is removed from the premises so that nothing gets left behind. Finally, make sure to put together a move-out checklist before taking anything away from your property.

Break Furniture Off in Small Sections

It can be difficult to remove furniture without causing damage. For example, if you try to take out an armoire by yourself, you could easily chip or break one of its legs as you pull it away from the wall. This ensures that there are no surprises after removing something from your home, which is why it makes sense to break each piece of furniture off into small sections rather than trying to remove one large piece at once.

Cover Furniture While Moving It

If possible, cover furniture while moving it out of the house, so there are no accidents during transport. For instance, use blankets or tarps in order not to scratch or mark up anything else in the house during transport and avoid any potential damage while on transit.

Avoid Messy Tape and Duct Tape

It’s easy to get carried away with packing materials and end up using too much tape on your furniture. Take a breath before you use any tape. It’s best to keep it simple and use only what you need. You can also avoid messy duct tape by using strapping straps or plastic wrap found in the packaging of your new home goods.

Have a Plan for Everything You Bring

Before you head out to the removal site, make sure you have a plan for what to bring and what to leave behind. You’ll want to inventory everything before anyone starts packing up your items so that you know exactly how many boxes or pieces of furniture are required for the job. It’s better to estimate than be caught off guard.

Of course, this should go without saying: make sure that you have ample storage space in your new home. If you don’t, you might not be able to properly store all of your furniture and other belongings. If there isn’t enough room in your new home for all of your old furnishings, try renting a truck or trailer so that you can transport them yourself.

When it comes down to it, removals aren’t something anyone enjoys doing—but if you take care of the process from start to finish, the stress won’t be nearly as overwhelming, and your move will run more smoothly.

Protect Yourself While Moving Furniture

Before you start moving your furniture, it’s important to protect yourself from damage. You could take the easy way out and toss a mattress or two on the floor in the middle of the room to avoid any accidental spills or drops.

This is a temporary solution at best and will leave you feeling vulnerable as you move through your new house without protection. A better option is to purchase a moving blanket that can be quickly and easily put down over your furniture before carrying it out of the house.

These blankets are especially helpful if you need to carry anything fragile, like glassware or fine china, which would break easily if dropped into your vehicle.


If you’re moving or redecorating and you’re in need of some professional help, a furniture removal company can be a lifesaver. But you should be aware of a few common problems that often arise during furniture removals.