Tips for Sod Installation and Lawn Installation in Surrey

If you want to make changes to your outdoor space, one of the simplest ways to do this is with the addition of lawn grass. There are many ways you can benefit from adding more green elements to your living space. And when it comes to sods and lawn plants, there are many ways they could add value to your home.

For property owners in Surrey looking to get the best landscapers or who need help with planning their outdoor space, there are a few names you can count on. One of them is Mr. Lawn, who has years of experience in the landscaping business. But if you do have the right gardening skills and are not scared to get your hands dirty, you can do it yourself. Need tips for sod and lawn installation in Surrey? You want to read up on the next sections.

Planning your Landscape

Planning your Landscape

The first thing you should do when planning your lawn is to look closely at your landscape. You want to consider all the necessary details in front of you; this will help with your space design. This is where getting expert help may be required. Unless you are used to gardening, you will likely be new to sod and lawn grasses. Still, you can find out more if you are serious about doing your lawn correctly.


You want to provide enough space to run your sods and grasses on. So you have to clear out the debris and ensure the land is ready to receive the sods or artificial grasses, whichever you choose to install. The good thing is that you can fit in lawn grasses in small and large spaces. So you shouldn’t have a hard time getting it to work in your backyard.

Grass Type

This is where you need all the help you can find. You should know that most of the grasses are not the same thing. While they may appear green from afar, their leaves and plant structure are entirely different. You should also know that the grass you use should be suited for your environment. The link here has more on the different types of grasses you can use on your yard.

As you may already know, factors like weather and climate can affect the growth of plants. So you want to choose the plant that is best suited for your weather. There are cold and warm weather grasses and those that require more rain than others. It may be best to check with professionals like Mr. Lawn to find out the best options that would work in your space.

Other Features

Now that you have given thoughts to working on your front or back yard, how about adding other features as well as lawn grass. Many additions could make a difference in your outdoor space. From furniture to lighting and trees, there are many ways you can upgrade your living space without spending much. You may need to work with a professional outfit to get it right, but it would be worth it in the long run.

How to Install Sod and Lawn in Surrey?

How to Install Sod and Lawn in Surrey

You have the option of installing the grass yourself or getting a trained landscaper to do it. The latter may be the best way if you have no experience on how to do it properly. But whichever route you choose, you want to ensure that you use healthy sods and grasses in your landscaping. The steps involved in proper lawn installation in Surrey includes

Get the Right Timing

If you want your lawn to spring up as soon as they are laid out, you want to ensure that you get the timing right for planting. And the best time to lay out sods is in Spring and Fall. This is due to the high amount of rain this period. Summer may be too hot and winter too cold to encourage proper growth. You can find more here about the right time for planting season.

Prepare the Soil

You want the soil to be ready to receive the sods and turf. So you want to clear the ground and uproot any stump left in your garden. Once removed, the next thing will be to carry out a soil test. This will help you get a report on the nutrient content of your soil. And if it happens, there is any deficit; you should be able to adjust accordingly.

A pH of 6.0 and 7.5 should be ideal for supporting turf growth. You can add limestone to balance acidic soil, while pine needles could help with balancing alkalinity. Once done with pH balancing, you can use a rake to level the surface of the land. This will allow you the ease of laying the sods when they get delivered.

You could consider fertilizer application to end the soil preparation, so you won’t have to worry about this until the plant reaches maturity. There are tips here on using fertilizers in your garden.

Lay the Sod

Now when the land is prepared, you can lay the sod or lawn grass. This could either be fresh grasses harvested from the farm or synthetic plants meant for decorative purposes. For a new sod installation, you want to use a fresh supply. If possible, have them deliver it a few hours before laying it on the ground.

Start by rolling the bundle in a linear row. Move to the next row when done with a bundle. Continue until you have the grass on the open sections of the land. You can make use of shears to cut out bits to cover edges and trims.

Once done with laying the grasses out, the next thing would be to pack them firmly in place. You can do this by using a rake to press down on the grass. When done with this, you can then complete the installation using a curing procedure. This can involve watering your lawn correctly and soaking the plot to help sink the roots into the ground.

Final Note

There is a lot of ways a new lawn can help your outdoor space. This includes increasing your property’s real estate value, not to mention giving you access to clean, fresh air indoors.