Tips for Decorating a Teen’s Room With Plants

Houseplants can improve the interior of any home in more ways than one. It’s also one of the best ways to make your home stand out from others. However, simply putting the pants in your home office and living room might not be enough. In order to gain the full potential of houseplants as an interior decor theme, they should ideally be in every room.

Many proud homeowners would love to have suitable plants in every single corner of their living space. When it comes to a teenager’s space, though, things are quite different. Most young people of that age aren’t too interested in interior design; at least, that’s how it seems at first glance. Still, when we think about it, teenagers see their room as a way to represent their identity. They also see it as their own space, a sanctuary where they retreat to when they’re not outside. With this in mind, it makes sense to select some choice houseplants for a teenager’s room. After all, houseplants purify the air and might even teach teens a bit of responsibility.

It might still be challenging to think of decorating a teen’s bedroom using plants. Below are some tips to get you started:

1. Consider Hydroponic Vases

A house plant doesn’t have to be a complicated piece of greenery that you have to watch over all the time. For a teen’s room, go for something simple and easy to maintain unless they display signs of having a green thumb themselves.

You can begin by getting them a set of hydroponic vases. With these, all you need are some clipping from trees for pants. Put these inside the vases with water; if all works as it should, the clippings should retain their color, fragrance, and perhaps even their air purifying properties. They might even grow a little bit, giving your teen a bit of thrill. What’s more, vases like this will look pretty cool on any beside table or sideboard. Here’s one good example now:

2. Plant Terrarium Wooden Stand

This desktop stand is equipped with bulb-shaped vases and a metal swivel holder for hydroponic plants The design is somewhat vintage, so a teenager might be interested in the retro look. What’s even better is the beautiful effect when the vases are filled with water and pieces of greenery.

It’s quite easy to set this stand up and pour water inside the vases. Teens can easily grow tiny plants inside these, even trying their hand at growing flowers if they’re interested.

3. Cute and Attractive

The above discussion on hydroponic vases brings us to the concept of selecting cute, attractive houseplants that will catch a teen’s attention. Being them into the conversation here; some teens might understand the wisdom of having a snake plant in their bedroom. These pants do cleanse the air somewhat and are really easy to maintain. However, others might reject this one due to it being so common in many people’s living rooms.

We can’t expect a teenager to welcome a living room plant into their space, so you’ll have to be a bit creative here. Choose small plants that come in brightly colored pots or some other cute concept. Tiny succulents might do the trick; they’re great for setting out on a windowsill or a study desk. Even if the teenager ignores them after the decoration is done, they’d probably thrive for a long time. Here’s one set of the best pots for plants you can get right now:

4. SUN-E 5-Inches Set of Pots

These tiny pots come in some very unique designs. The base here is rough, while the top half is glazed in different colors. The design is refreshing, modern, and will probably look great in any teen’s room. They’re petite and elegant; plus, the clay they’re made from is of a high quality and won’t scatter around the desk or sill. While succulents will look very cute inside these pots, you can use almost any kind of plant that will thrive without much attention.

5. Requiring Minimum Care

This brings us to the concept of minimum care for a plant in a teenager’s bedroom. Teens have a lot on their plate; they have school to attend, social circles, and struggles with their changing bodies to contend with. All this understandably leaves no time to take care of another living thing. Hence, choosing a pant for their room requires that it be sturdy, hardy, and able to get by without regular watering or repotting. Ideally, the plant in question shouldn’t need a lot of light either.

Fortunately, there are several houseplants that fit the bill. Make sure you get a specimen that doesn’t grow too fast or wilt too quickly. In time, if the plant does grow too large for the place or require more care than you initially realized, be ready to move it somewhere else.

6. Cleansing the Air

Keep in mind that a teen’s room will probably be stuffy, full of stuff, and not cleaned very frequently. This might be a generalization, but we have to be prepared for the worst. In such cases, it’s best to get a plant that will hopefully clear the air inside that room. This will give a healthier environment for the teenager, which might make them feel emotionally and physically better than before.

Again, there are several options out there that might be perfect for this requirement. No matter what color scheme you have in mind, for instance, a lucky bamboo plant will probably fit into any kind of decor. It comes in straight, curved, or even woven varieties. Plus, it prefers to live in low light and will even filter out harmful chemicals before they enter a room. We think it’s a win-win for decorating any teenager’s bedroom, so consider the following option:

7. Jm Bamboo 10 Stalks of 8 Inches Straight Lucky Bamboo

These ten stalks will be more than enough to brighten up a teen’s bedroom. There are instructions included, though their care is simple and straightforward. The thick roots will help the plants to survive, while the working of the plant itself will make a healthier environment for anyone in the vicinity.

Along with blending into any bedroom style, the lucky bamboo only requires some water every two or three days. If even this is too much for someone, they can always keep their specimen in a vase or pot that’s already filled with water. If you’re looking for a little more color, arrange some colored pebbles or marbles in a transparent pot for your bamboo.

8. Skin Care

If all else fails, you can simply pop an aloe vera plant into a teen’s room and tell them about its health benefits. It’s certainly helpful when you can just slice off a piece of a plant and use the gel for a natural face mask at any time. There might be other plants that have skin care benefits, so look those up and see which ones might be best for the bedroom in question.


Choosing just the right plants for a teenager’s bedroom might be a difficult process, but it helps to take them into confidence. Lay out all the advantages of having a plant in close proximity to them and let them have the final say. When that’s done, you might want to give them some of the options above. Once they start looking at the different varieties of easy, undemanding plants, they’d certainly be more open to the idea.  Decorating your teen’s room would be a fun surprise teen birthday gift idea.