Belcony Decor

Tips for decorating a balcony

Are you lucky enough to have a balcony at home but do not know where to start decorating? Do not miss these tips to decorate a balcony . Decorate a balcony (either the size it is) does not have to become a problem. It may be that we do not know where to start, but before starting to decorate you have to stop and analyze certain aspects of this stay . So, we will take full advantage and turn the balcony in one of the favorite places of our home.

decorating a balcony

Aspects to consider when decorating a balcony

The space and furniture

One of the highlights is the space that we have to decorate the balcony . Everything we do depends on the space you have. For example: if we have a small balcony we choose furniture that visually lighter. In that case, chairs without armrests will be more successful than chairs wider dimensions of choice. It is also important that the furniture can be stacked or folded so that when used will not occupy minimal space.

The floor of the balcony

to achieve a cozy space also need to pay attention to the balcony floor. If we do not like the cold tile, we can put some cushions large (depending on the balcony). So, we will give a personal touch to the balcony and leave aside the cold aspect of the typical tile balcony. But if we want a full floor more pleasant, we can opt for various options. One of these is coating the wooden floor tiles . In this way we will have a much more cozy thanks to the wooden tiles space.

There are also more simple solutions: placing artificial turf . Just fix the pieces of lawn balcony floor. So in addition to getting the balcony is much warmer, also succeed give a more garden to the balcony. In this example you can see how to put artificial turf on a terrace: Terrace chill out style .

Search privacy in a balcony

if we are to achieve an intimate space and away from prying eyes we must find the most hidden and decorative way to close the balcony. In the market there hiding meshes that are placed very easily. The downside of these belts is that depending on the style you want to achieve in the balcony, not usually be aesthetically very well and can get to feeling overwhelmed. Especially if it’s a small balcony.

Lighting a balcony

can happen that the installation of the house we do not have much light on the balcony or we do not like the light we have. No problem. Today you can find different options to illuminate the balcony that she also decorate. With good lighting can also enjoy the balcony at dusk. The most important thing is to look dim to enjoy the spring and summer nights light.