Tips for Creating your Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is the best room in a home, and having a beautiful kitchen is every homeowner’s desire. When we were growing up, most of our grandparents used to have a traditional farmhouse kitchen which used to be simple but very attractive and comfortable.

You might be desiring to have such a kitchen, but you don’t live on a farm. You are confused about where to start, what you need to have, and how to go about it. This is where Northern Prairie Cabinets come in handy.  

In this article, you will learn how to create your perfect farmhouse kitchen. Does this sound great? Read on!

1. Decorate the Countertops Using Marble, Wood, or Soapstone

If you want your kitchen to have a beautiful traditional farmhouse-like design, there are several ways to go about this. First off, wood, marbles, or soapstones are perfect farmhouse kitchen countertops materials. 

Wood countertops are the most preferred and commonly used. They are also known as the butcher block countertops. Compared to marble and soapstone, they are very convenient and cheap. They are also readily available in your nearby local markets and are easy to construct and maintain. You can use natural or reclaimed wood for your countertops and even a dining set of tables and chairs.

On the other hand, even if marble and soapstone are a bit more expensive than woodblock, they are also an excellent choice for your farmhouse kitchen if you can afford them. Before you install them, do thorough research and go for the best and affordable ones.

2. Get a Farmhouse Sink

No doubt that there are many latest unique designs of sinks. But for the farmhouse kitchen sink, it has never lost its value for all those decades. These sinks are also called apron-front sinks.

The farmhouse sink is very spacious and deep, and it is also timeless and beautiful.  The sink can be found in different materials, like cast iron and stainless steel. Also, in every kitchen they are installed in, they make it look more attractive. However, this sink is not expensive and is readily available. But for you to maintain this sink, you need to keep it clean. Most of them are white, and when you fail to clean them thoroughly, they will get stained. 

Before installing the sink, you need to consider your kitchen habits. If you don’t do much work on the sink, you can install the single bowl sink. But if you are a heavy kitchen user, go for a double bowl sink. Also, make sure that the cabinets below it can handle the sinks’ weight.

The capability of this sink handling many utensils at the same time makes it outstanding. So, if you want to have an excellent farmhouse kitchen, then this sink should be included in your list.

3. Wooden Floor

Unlike the modern kitchen floors and tiles, wooden floors are part of the farmhouse kitchen. The fantastic natural look makes them beautify the kitchen well. These floors are cheap and available. They are also durable and easy to clean. They also add warmth to your kitchen. 

In the old days, the typical wooden floors used for the kitchen were wide planks. It is also still available even now. You can opt to use it or go for other varieties like vinyl wooden floors. The vinyl floors are easy to install, clean and they are also waterproof. They are also an excellent choice for your kitchen floor. Do thorough research and install the best wooden floor for your kitchen.   

4. Use Cabinets for Your Kitchen Farmhouse 

Cabinets are used for storage in the kitchen. For the farmhouse kitchen, the cabinets should be made from hardwood. Your cabinets can be installed below your sink as well as above your sink. You can either choose to use a closed or open shelves cabinet. For many years, closed cabinets have been commonly used. But nowadays, people are embracing open shelves cabinets and also the front glass cabinets. 

If you choose the open shelves, ensure that you have a good taste of display. The reason is, the shelves will show off your utensils. So, you need to choose the best silverware and arrange them in a presentable way to make your kitchen look more decent.

Another way to beautify your kitchen is to paint your cabinets with bright paints like white or crème. The painted cabinets will brighten up your kitchen and make it more attractive.

Having a simple but smart farmhouse kitchen is a great thing. After you do all that, you can also add final touches and decorations to your kitchen. Hang some beautiful artwork on your kitchen wall, put fresh flowers on your dining table, and have some wood utensils. Also, use cotton cloths for cleaning the kitchen surfaces.