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Tips for decoration to implemented in any environment

When it comes to decorating, we are not all experts on the subject. Therefore, and for that you too can implement them in your house, we want to show you some tips decoration that can be implemented in any environment.

Leave space between your furniture

Avoid overcrowding prevents furniture are very close together. It is best to distribute little furniture around the room, leaving some room between each of them.


Hang your pictures to the correct height

Ideally draw an imaginary middle line in the center of the room and hang in there the tables and illustrations. To give you an idea, measured from the ground about 1.50 meters. Remember that it is not important ceiling height but rather the height at which hang the picture, because the human eye looks at about that distance.

Combine the furniture with carpet

There are two ways to combine furniture with carpet. If it is large, you can put all furniture legs on it because it will give a luxurious feel to the room. If you have a small rug on the other hand, ensures that the legs do not touch its surface. It is important not to choose too small rug because it will not give the desired effect. In this case, a maximum must be between 30 and 45 centimeters between the edge and furniture legs.

Avoid being repetitious with the topic of your choice

It is good to have a definite style to decorate a room not good to be exaggerated or reiteration in all rooms of the house. For example, if you like the nautical theme, while it is good to use colors chord as blue and white it is not flood the room with things that refer to the boats and sailboats it is somewhat boring to look at with time.

Pay attention to what you hang on the walls

No matter if it is a picture that your grandmother gave you, if your furniture does not match Do not hang up! If you want a nice decoration, use pictures and furniture that combine. These tips decoration are ideal for those beginners who want to change some aspect of one of the rooms of your home. If you put it into practice, you will surely have guaranteed success.