Interior Decoration

Tips for Decorating in Spring with Natural Elements

Spring is a perfect time to decorate the house with natural elements. After winter, the house is filled with light and you will surely have the need to feel life in it. In this sense, decorating the home with small “gifts” of Nature will make your home have a renewed air that will bring you new energies and illusions. We give you five tips to decorate your home this spring with simple natural elements.

Tips for Decorating

Walk through the countryside in search of treasures. There is nothing more comforting than taking a walk in the countryside and being in touch with Nature. These days you will see many flowers that embellish the field with its varied colors. Lilies, daisies, small wild bulbs, carnations, mimosas and branches with green leaves and small shoots choose some of them to make simple bouquets with which to decorate the house.

To get them home fresh we recommend carrying an isothermal bag with a damp cloth or kitchen paper. The ideal time to pick them up is in the morning. Improvise violator’s vases and recycling: You do not need to have good and numerous vases to put your flowers, if you have glasses, glass jars, cups and dishes that may no longer use, you can make beautiful flower arrangements.

In them, you can put flowers of your garden combining them with fruits, like grapefruits files or lemons. All this will give you a feeling of freshness that will surprise you. Small floral arrangements for the salon and the lobby: These dependencies of the house are perfect to have fresh flowers that you can buy at the florist however, if you have a garden you can also put a nice bouquet of lilacs roses or any other Flower that you have cultivated will undoubtedly perfume the whole house.

Water, stones and shells in the bathroom: The bathroom is your private spa, and as such, water must have a special role. In it, you can put a small container of glass in which to introduce small stones and shells that you have caught on your walks along the beach and cover it with water. Inside it, you can also put a little tea to light at night or when you have guests.

Aromatic in the kitchen: Look for an ideal place to have those aromatic ones that you like to cook: parsley, chives, marjoram, basil, and peppermint you will not only have that unique touch for your dishes, but Natural and fresh look to your kitchen in a simple way.