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Tips on caring for household linen

Textiles are basic and essential in decorating comfortable and stylish home accessories. They help to add warmth, renew the decoration and put the chic touch to any environment. From the curtains to bedding, textiles cannot miss at home. Do you know how to take care of household linen to preserve tissues in perfect condition for longer? Do not worry because know some simple tricks that you will be helpful. Although makes all the sense in the world, rarely usually we do. A gesture as simple as reading the label and the manufacturer’s recommendations is essential to know the care that requires our bedding. Especially if it is a delicate tissue that requires a certain care.


Colored clothes, cold and separated from the rest

Colored clothing has special characteristics, especially if it is a strong color. In this case, it is recommended that the first three washes were performed cold. The reason is that using low temperatures makes us the colors we sit and lasting much longer. In addition, of course, do not forget to wash these colored garments separately from other laundry. In this way we avoid mixing colors.

Garments inside out

Another trick grandmother to care for and maintain the bedding in perfect longer is to introduce the garments inside the washer. Thus, the friction between them, as well as detergent and contact with the drum of the washing prevent wear of tissues.

Wash it all together

It is also advisable to wash both the same kind of clothes from home. That is, the curtains should be washed always together. And the same goes with lounge cushions, bedding, towels bathroom. This will prevent fabrics acquire different colors produced by a different wear.

Tips for towels

Do not use fabric softener to wash the towels as they lose absorption capacity. Finally, it is advisable not to accumulate too many towels to wash in the washing machine. It is better to move freely in the washing machine and water seeping best tissues, thus achieving a more thorough cleaning.

Care for each tissue

If we talk about fabrics, cotton should wash cold, as this will last much longer. In the case of polyester, almost all types and can be washed with warm water in the washing machine, but should look at the label.