Tiles Wall Decor

Design Ideas for a tile walls for cooker with extractor hood air

Designing a tile walls around the hood extractor air is an exciting opportunity to highlight the appliance as an architectural feature rather than something unsightly. The bells are different from other extractors because your pipe is added to its stylish design as “chimney” that goes from the top of the hood, through the ceiling or wall.

The same materials used to design tile walls can be carried into space behind a hood extractor . Because this is the main part of the kitchen where he holds the key action of the enclosure, select durable materials which are stain resistant and easy to clean. The ceramic tiles, porcelain and glass are common options to achieve these characteristics, but other options include tin or tin false, stainless steel panels and styrene painted with a durable, easy to clean finish.

wall tile

Design of continuous tile
Change the look of the rear wall of the stove and tile hood extractor air with the same materials used to tile or wall tile in the kitchen, the hood stands as a decorative feature. This design solution carries no attention to the continuous wall tiles, since no differences in design in the rest of the kitchen. Its other features, including the hood extractor , cupboards and fixed elements stand out more than this wall.

Three main points
Instead of combining the spaces next to the stove and hood extractor , acentúalos as individual areas with outstanding designs of mosaics. The tiled wall area happens to have three different parts: the back of the stove and the two vertical spaces on each side of the hood extractor . Try the two upper parts scenic areas and stretches framed tile design with decorative tile pieces in each center. Behind the stove repeats the same design, just doing his most important and elaborate decorative center array. Create three areas of design can also be made ​​of different materials, wall tile, to match any style of cooking.

Two complementary designs
The top two sides of the hood extractor not have to be decorated with the same materials as the wall tile stove. This is an opportunity to incorporate two complementary design elements that were difficult to choose from (one for behind the stove and the other to top of the hood). Two complementary types of tiles can be used to add layers of dimension to the kitchen area. Sample one above the stove and moved its subject to other parts of the kitchen with accent pieces of the same color, showing the other as a kitchen wall tile and it continues as the main wall tiles located above the cabinets.