Three Ideas for the Perfect Garden

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. However, there are elements of a garden that can really make everyone in the family happy, while visitors will show their appreciation, as well. Here are three ideas that will render your garden a great sight to see.

Join the House to the Garden through a Glass Wall

The problem with most gardens is that they feel completely different from the house they are attached to. If the division between the two parts is too great, no matter how good looking your garden will be, it won’t be close to perfection. For the house and the garden to be united, you need for the kitchen/dining room to continue on to the outside. In order to do so, start by tearing down the wall that separates them and replace it with a glass wall. It can be made of sliding doors or through a door system that enables them to fold onto one another. You can find examples of aluminium doors by visiting this website: Once that part is done, make sure to continue the flooring found inside onto the outside, and choose furniture that will go along well, with the one inside the house.

Balance shade and Sun

Not everyone likes to sit under the sun, while others cannot stand being under the shade, on a beautiful day. Therefore, you need to be able to find the best compromise possible. Simply having two different sides to the garden (one with shade and the other not) will not be sufficient. You would only be separating the people into two different crowds. When people come to visit, they want to be able to share the same space, to talk and have fun. This means you will have to create shade, wherever there is full sun. The easiest way, is to use an umbrella. You can then fold it in any direction you need, so that it blocks the sun for those who want to keep away from it. Better yet, position trees close to wherever you will build the terrace, so that it creates natural shade, only on half of it, at any point in time during the day.

Build a Second Kitchen Outside

When people get together in a garden, they usually spend the whole day and the evening as well. If you have friends over, on a beautiful summer day, why would you even want to spend one second inside the house, while cooking? Stay with your guests, as you launch the BBQ and get creative with chicken, beef and vegetables, or prepare pizzas inside the outdoor oven. The second kitchen is something people cannot live without, once they have had one before. Make sure to think of everything, by also adding a sink to wash the dirty dishes or simply to grab some water while you cook. Then, let the night come, as everyone eats and discusses their latest personal feats, under the light of the moon, and the stars that shine brightly over their head.

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