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Things that can happen to you in a holiday meal

The holidays are approaching and with them, one of the most beautiful times of the year, but also one that registers more accidents in the home. Family gatherings, cooking for many people, and ornaments and toys to all corners can cause domestic accidents least give us a scare. And as we think it is always better to be safe than sorry, we’ve compiled some of the things that can happen to you so you can avoid them. Let’s talk about what can happen to you in a holiday meal.

holiday meal

Beware the tree! : The Christmas tree is an important part of the holidays and decorating can be a perfect activity for the whole family, but care is also a source of accidents. Watch out for the fall trying to put the trimmings: If you do not get well, get help and gets a stable and safe ladder but never being alone you uploaded.

No need to call the fire : keep the tree near heat sources such as fireplaces, stoves or heaters, left lighted candles or too close to curtains and fabrics, do not check the status of decorative lights … these are already common services Firefighters during the holidays. Consider their advice .

Do not test the electrical system: often happens that among the ornamental lights, heating, cooking up etc. overload a bit installation. Watch especially not connect more than 50 decorative bulb plug and make sure the wires are in good condition. A short Christmas can be a dark and even has its romantic side, can also mean go without food or getting chilled.

Do not underestimate the curiosity of the smallest : these days do not stop to see things that catch their attention: colored lights, ornaments, tree, striking gift wrap … all are incentives to touch, pick up and discover. The extreme precautions with them so they can browse without giving a scare.

Watch where you walk : in these holidays, gifts and many people, you may find all over the floor, toys, spare parts, lost ornaments, wrapping paper … all possible obstacles that may make from slipping or stumble and you fall.

If you cook, do not let them distract you : you would not be the first to burn the turkey and end up eating pizzas nor the last that the seafood too long is left out of the refrigerator and uncooked … But besides running out of the typical Christmas meal or have indigestion may lead to fire or, oddly enough, small floods, as a classic is forgetting an open faucet .

If you drink, do not you drive or risk activities : a classic of these dates. These are days of toast, wine, champagne and spirits as well as hearty meals and slow digestion. Try to eat and drink in moderation to avoid ending up with indigestion, and above all, waiting to take the car to be in good condition or call a taxi.