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Theft and robbery: eye fine print of insurance

The burglary remains a major crime in Spain. Given this, it is crucial to security measures but also have a good home insurance to cover all possible contingencies. Therefore, our first recommendation is to read carefully the fine print of your policy because you can take some surprise. For example; Did you know that most policies cover damage sustained in the event of theft, but many companies do not insure against possible theft?

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Below, we detail some things you should consider:

1. It is not the same as a theft larceny and insurance coverages are not the same: It is considered a theft occurs when a theft of property against the will of its owner and through force or violence against objects or people. For example, when someone enters a house forcing the door or breaking a window. Insurance covers, mostly hundred percent or a significant amount of the insured property.

The theft is the theft of property against the will of its owner but without using force or violence. For example, when someone enters a house to steal advantage that the door has been left open. In these cases, insurance usually does not cover the value of stolen or only a small part objects as it is considered that there has been an oversight or negligence of the owner.

2. Find out what your insurance covers and to what extent . You can find under insurance in relation to the continent (to housing itself), and various types of limitations in relation to content.

Companies tend to ask for a list of the objects and ensure their value. It is important to consider because what is not covered by the policy may not cover. On the other hand, the more assures and most valuable things, more will raise the policy.

In the case of theft of cash or items of special value, there may be a limit of coverage. Some policies also set a maximum compensation for theft terraced gardens or lumber, although these are part of the house.

Having alarms and security systems can be assumed discount policy of home. However, if a theft occurs and were not connected, the company may not charge made.

3. Any damage caused by theft are also covered .

If you have forced the lock, broken door or window pane, check your policy because these things are usually compensated.

4. Thefts out can also have compensation.

Good to know that home insurance cover also sometimes abductions occurring in the street, and sometimes abroad. Yes, it must be robberies and thefts ever by mistake. If your insurance covers these thefts away from home, you may set limits on coverage.

5. Do not forget to put the complaint : without it, your company will not pay anything.

You see, the fine print can be very decisive and change much coverage. Go away with eye and ask you advice. A good home insurance should provide solutions rather than more trouble, so in the RACC we protect not only against theft, but theft.