Gardens on the balcony: the new urban agriculture

It started as a fad, but now is a real urban agriculture : the gardens on balconies and terraces have become part of the landscape of cities like Barcelona or Madrid, where no one is surprised to see lettuce, beans or tomatoes in the house next. So if you like organic and fresh foods, if you want to save or if you simply want to get on the bandwagon, we explain how you can have your own garden at home.

1. The reasons : be many and varied. From self-sufficient in vegetables, to help improve the environment, relax and create a space for family activities.

2. Space : although it seems that no, grow some vegetables is possible with very little space. The important thing is to have the proper containers and that the site is sunny . From here, you can mount an orchard at various levels or even vertical, with pots hanging on the wall.

3. The material : the new fashion of orchards on the balcony has raised businesses and shops you need, thereby not find it difficult. To plant vegetables are necessary planters, pots or growing tables fund a minimum 20 to 30 inches. The width and depend on the space available and what you want to plant. Also keep in mind that you can not hang pots on the outside balconies and, for safety, the weight of our deck and what is inside should not exceed 300 kilos.

4. Cultivation : It is advisable to be well informed of the space required for each species and how best growing season. This helps to choose which vegetables to plant and where. Also keep in mind, especially if we opt for direct planting seeds, you have to leave some space between plants and it is advisable to put the highest species back so that it does not obstruct the light at rest.

5. Watch out … the irrigation water so as not to puddle or fall on the balcony below. It is also important to monitor the leaves and fruits that could fall and plants that grow much , because they can cause nuisance to neighbors. Urban gardens require new standards of living. And just in case it is always recommendable good home insurance , which covers you for any contingency.