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How to decorate the master bedroom

Bring the warmth and romance of Tuscany own the master bedroom. It is an old and full of style simplicity with which you can create a space of escape at home, so relaxing and comfortable. A decorated bedroom inspired by this style should be simple and uncluttered.


Tuscan style master bedroom – Walls Decor Tuscan style bedroom should start with white walls. If you are adobe or plaster, can be bleached. If not, give them a primer to prevent dripping paint and paint them white.

the master bedroom

Tuscan-style decor – frame of the bed The bed frames typical of Tuscany are wrought iron and have a few ornaments. Use the blackened iron or paint both the head and feet white. Although wrought iron beds they provide the simple touch of Tuscan décor are not essential. Another option is to put a bed with a wooden frame. A headboard dark wood slats may be sufficient. Instead of dressing the bed with a duvet, quilt uses a simple white cotton. Also known as “matelasse”, is a basic element to create the feeling of lightness and freshness of Tuscan style. If you prefer something with more color, used quilts with floral designs that include medium or dark colors like burgundy, blue and green yellow gold.

The Tuscan side table nightstand night may be dark wood or wrought iron. In either style, you must have a marble top to keep the tone Tuscan decor.

Tuscan style furnishings – curtains Simplicity and light are key elements when decorating the master bedroom of the house in the style of Tuscany. Traditionally, this type of decoration, used curtains departing ceiling white and reach the ground. They can carry lace like detail along the entire edge of the bottom or around the curtain, to add a decorative touch to the window. The curtains of cotton, besides being aesthetically pleasing, protect the master bedroom from the bright light of the sun . Use a decorative wrought iron bar to add an attractive touch to the bedroom.

Equip the master bedroom Tuscan style are very different accessories that can be used to add color to a room decorated in a Tuscan style. Choose your decorative pieces carefully, keeping in mind that that “less is more”. For example, you could choose to: • Wrought iron wall to wall with colorful decorative candles. • Cushions with floral prints. Use different patterns and textures to add color to the white linens. • Terracotta pots with small floral arrangements. • Photo in sepia tones wrought iron frames. • A tapestry that represents a window that overlooks a Tuscan landscape is a good example of embellishment mural. • Decorations for wrought iron wall that also represent Tuscan décor. • Paintings of the old continent with decorative frames.

Decorating a master bedroom Tuscan style – Floor A wood floor in a natural tone will combine all the decor of a bedroom Tuscan-inspired. Put some cotton rugs where needed. If you can not opt ​​for wood, carpet floor using neutral and natural tones. In any case, the soil should not detract from the simplicity of a room decorated in this style.