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Ten Tips to consider for the interior painting

# 1 When painting furniture the same color as the interior walls creates a sculptural type look in space. Volumes are highlighted in an artistic way.
# 2 Painting the room all the same color, even the ceiling, you get a better sense of space because the white ceiling with dark walls makes it look lower in height than it actually is. This is especially true when the walls are dark colors.

the interior painting

# 3 To create the feeling of a higher temperature, paint the room with two different finishes, for example: If you have matte painted walls, paint the ceiling with some shine.
# 4 Paint the trim the same color as the walls and ceiling, that space will make the impression of greater height.
# 5 When the ceiling is less than 2.5 meters, the painting should be two shades lighter than the painting walls. But if it is more than 2.5 meters, the better is to paint two shades darker than the walls.
# 6 Use matte paintings in dry places like hallways and bedrooms. The semi-gloss finish looks great in damp places like the kitchen and bathrooms.
# 7 Use pearl paint finish on the walls of long narrow spaces eg in corridors, because it will create luminescence and enlarge the feeling of space in the environment.
# 8 Before you start painting, make sure whether the color is appropriate to avoid mistakes that could cost you time, money, or an unpleasant job. It is important to be sure the paint color before you start painting task. Some colors may be brighter on the wall than in the catalogs, while others may come to seem more somber.
# 9 For good paint job termination is important that the wall paint is dry and free of substances prevent the adherence and drying of the new, for example grease, rust, oil and so on. You should also remove old paint can flake off, because otherwise the risk of spoiling the paint is high.
# 10 If you are doing work other jobs, keep in mind that painting should be the last work done on reform. The dust can adhere to the paint. When the wall is ready and begins to paint, you should take into consideration before applying sealer base. For with the sealer you get more grip and absorption of new paint partner. Also, the use of sealant, allowing savings in working time and the painting itself. Depending on which paint is used, there sealants to water and oil.