The Importance of Air Conditioning Service

There are several places in the world where one has to wonder how people may still live there at all before the advent of air conditioning. Places like deserts, humid, tropical locales and the like can be pretty miserable in the middle of summer, and something like an electric fan just doesn’t cut it. Air-conditioning is one of the greatest inventions, by way of creature comforts, of the 20th century. But, air-conditioners have never gotten that efficient, nor have they ever gotten that durable, simply because of the way they have to work. That is why you need a commercial air conditioning contractor to help you maintain your AC the professional way. Until some sort of unforeseen breakthrough in managing thermal energy is achieved, that’s always going to be a problematic technology.

So, it’s important to know how often to service aircon systems, because they can very easily break down and cease functioning. Today, were going to talk about a couple aspects of air-conditioning, so we can point out exactly what can go wrong with them, and why it’s so important to keep them serviced. We’ll also give some advice on how often to have the system serviced, depending upon what type of system it is.

Compressors are a headache!

If you don’t know how air-conditioning works, that’s actually completely understandable. Air-conditioners work by compressing a gas, usually Freon or something similar, and then letting it expand through pipes. As it expands, it draws in heat, which it then carries out through an exhaust, once it’s compressed once more at the other end. This takes advantage of an old law of thermodynamics, a law where when something expands, it absorbs see, and when it’s compressed, it releases it. Refrigeration works similarly as well, obviously.

The thing is, compressors are fidgety things at best, and have many aspects that can break down. So, the electrical systems, mechanical systems and piping for compressors, failed to mention the motors, need to be tested, maintained and cared for on a regular basis.

Electrical systems are also a headache!

The other big issue with air conditioners is that their electrical systems can be a serious problem as well. The control boards can go haywire, the various relays, capacitors and so forth can go haywire, so the electrical systems in these things need to be looked at closely on a frequent basis as well.

A word on different types of air-conditioning systems…

There are generally two basic types of air conditioning, window units and central air conditioning. Window units are actually a little less trouble, maintenance-wise, with central air systems being the ones that go awry the most. So, when it comes to how often to service aircon systems, window units can usually do just fine with a yearly maintenance check in servicing, shortly before warm weather begins. They can usually handle yearly as well, even in areas where air-conditioning is needed throughout the entire year.

When it comes to central air, it should always be serviced before hot weather begins, and in areas where you have to run it yearly, to some extent, it should be serviced every six months on a predictable schedule. If you live in Utah, preferably by a reliable St George air conditioning repair tech that you can trust!