The Hands-On Herbalism Guide Begins!

Welcome to the main page of my herbalism guide.

One of the subjects I hope to be covering on the Container Gardening For Food website is that of Herbs and Herbalism – mainly because I’ve taken up herbalism as a hobby.

During the future growing season, we intend to dedicate some of the small garden to grow herbs and hope to be writing articles and making videos as we go. Anything we do will be recorded and published here, the plan being it will create a hopefully useful and entertaining guide to herbalism that anyone can get good information from.

We’ve already created a small apothecary in the utility room and have stocked up on dried herb ingredients to get me started, but during the year I hope to be growing my own herbs and foraging for them in order to replenish my stocks.

The following video is a basic introduction to an apothecary…

There are two main reasons as to why we have decided to take this herbalism theme up. Firstly because it’s something we’ve always been interested in but have never got ‘hands-on’ with, and secondly because looking at the way the world is going lately, we think it could become extremely useful knowledge to possess.

As new articles are added, we’ll make links to them below…

Herbal Preparations

How to Make a Herbal Infusion
One of the easiest ways for anyone to engage with herbalism.

How to Make a Herbal Decoction
Another very simple way to engage with herbalism.

How to Make Herbal Tinctures
A herbal tincture is a liquid that contains the concentrated extract of a herb that has usually been extracted by soaking the plant material in a mixture of water and alcohol.

How to Make Herbal Infused Oil
Herbal Infused Oils (or fixed oils) are created by soaking herb material in pure vegetable-based oil and allow you to create powerful and effective healing creams, ointments, salves, balms, and massage oils.

Herbalism Guide Books Overview video…

Let me introduce you to Calendula (better known as the Marigold). It’s a fantastic little plant, one of nature’s best healers, and it can be used for healing both inside and outside the body.



Be sure to check back here regularly for what I hope will unfold into a comprehensive and educational guide to herbalism – which, best of all, will be free!

More to come very soon …..