The five recommended Hamsa you can buy online

Hamsa is present in various Eastern doctrines, such as Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, with their own meanings according to each religion. The hamsa, or “hand of Mirian” term used in the world of the Jews, although also known as “hand of Fatima” by Muslims, and by Buddhism called “Abhaya Mundra”.

As such, it is adopted as an amulet for the protection of the evil eye, and of any misfortune.

The “hamsa hand” symbol is characterized by representing the design of a symmetrical right hand with five fingers: the middle finger in the center, on its sides the ring and the index finger, a little shorter than the heart and equal between yes, and at the ends two thumbs, the same size and somewhat curved outwards.

Sometimes it contains other symbols such as eyes, stars of David, fish, and others with the intention of strengthening the power of Hamsa that has innumerable representations. For example: when it is represented with the fingers together, the amulet is used for good luck, in the case of having the fingers separated it is used to ward off negative energies, according to popular tradition. In relation to the above, Muslims relate the five fingers of the hand with the pillars of Islam, while the Jews attribute the symbolism to the five books of the Torah.

For us Jews, the Hamsa has an important role as a wall decoration. We can attach daily prayer to it so that we always remember our G-d. But often we have difficulty buying Hamsa that we really like. Fortunately, we are now in the Internet era, where we can buy whatever we want without geographical restrictions.

Now, at Jewish shops, you can buy whatever Hamsa you want. Here are some hamsa (the plural form of Hamsa) that we recommend:

1. Colorful ‘Hamsa’ wall decoration – birds

This is cool and colorful. Shaped like a tree with birds perched on its branches, this Hamsa is made of laser-cut by an artist. This Hamsa is recommended for people who love natural beauty. Sold for $32.00.

2. Colorful decoration for the ‘Hamsa’ wall Copper etch – flowers

This is a large enough wall decoration with colorful painting motif. The theme is a collection of beautiful flowers. Just like the Hamsa above, this is recommended for people who love natural themes. Sold for $ 22.00.

3. Hamsa “Home Blessing”

This is Hamsa with Hebrew Blessing. Brown, this Hamsa is sold at $ 24.14.

4. Hamsa “Home Blessing” Light Blue

Epoxy hamsa with Hebrew Blessing. Blue in color, this Hamsa is sold at $ 24.14.

5. Hamsa “English Home Blessing”

This Hamsa is dominated by the color brown. Equipped with English Blessing, this is priced at $ 24.14.

The five Hamsa above are a small part of the Hamsa that you can get easily in the online market. By buying from jewish stores online, you can get a variety of Hamsa at affordable prices. Thank you for reading and have a good hamsa for your beloved room!