How to avoid gaps in the curtains

Treatment gaps in the window can be caused by curtains small, broken bars or high winds. When a window treatment is chosen, it is important to recognize the characteristics of a particular room will affect the performance of the curtain . For example, if the window frame produces a tilt in the length of the curtains , the drop must be compensated. A room with a stiff breeze from side to side requires heavy fabrics or curtains compensated. Consider these features before installation will save you time and money on repairs of holes.


Raise or lower the bar curtain to cover holes in the top or bottom of the window frame.


Install curtains to fill gaps wider on both sides of the frame. Measure the distance from your curtains from one end to the other. Multiply the measurement by 1.25, this will provide you with a size 25 percent larger than the curtain shirt. Consider increasing the width of the pole curtain too, this will allow you to run the curtain further.

Increases the width of the curtains existing sewing a bias tape to the sides of the curtain . Measure the width of the gap. Divide by the number of vertical edges, if you do not want to sew a bias tape to each vertical edge (for example, if you just want the tape in the middle of the window) divided by the number of vertical edges that you will use. Add 1.27 cm to determine the boundary seam width bias tape (for example, a 5.08 cm border of a single panel of the curtain where both vertical edges are attached, requires a bias tape 3, 81 cm wide). Cut a piece of ribbon 2.54 cm longer than the total vertical bias along the curtain , sew both sides of each panel and miter cut the ends to show off a finished appearance.

Increase the length of the curtains existing sewing bias tape on the bottom of the curtain . Measure the width of the gap and additional 1.27 cm to determine the boundary seam tape width bias needed (for example, a 2.54 cm border requires a bias tape width of 3.81 cm). Cut a piece of bias tape 2.54 cm wider than the bottom of the curtain . Consider adding bias tape to the sides of the curtain for a uniform appearance.

Sew or hitch five to 10 pesos of shade to the bottom of the curtain even intervals so that the curtain has weight and prevent gaps by breezes.

Correct the gap due to the angular central support caused by overlay panels curtain bar. Select curtains ring or rings in place with a tubular rod hung up within. Hang the ring over to the right of the screen from the left on the bar with the inner side of the curtain facing you. Slide the ring to the left of the screen right at the end of the bar of the curtain with the inside of the curtain facing your side; rings over the center of each panel curtain now be crossed. Slide the two panels on the right side of the bar and continuing to hold the rings in the right panel like you would normally. Repeat with the left panel. Adhere the curtain causing the angular central support falls between overlapping rings.