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Decorative ways to fix the curtains of a bed

Add curtains around the bed gives it a look of elegance. Even without a canopy bed, there are ways to put curtains in a decorative way. Whether you use silk curtains hanging from the ceiling for a sophisticated look or sheer curtains for a Mediterranean flair, decorate your bedroom with curtains to stand out.

Against the wall
Hang curtains behind the bed, even if there are no windows. Use a curtain rod that is at least as wide as the bed. Hang the curtain rod as high as possible to look like curtains hanging from the ceiling. Use a heavy curtain to the floor instead of a transparent, since you are essentially creating a wall with curtain. Hang the curtain panels bar and close them to be spread evenly along the wall.

 curtains of a bed


From the roof
Hang curtains from the ceiling makes it look taller. The roof rack will help create a look-poster bed. Place bars in a box in the ceiling directly at the sides of the bed. Measure and mark where to place the brackets so that the curtains just touching the outer edge of the bed. Install the brackets and slide the four panels of silk curtains that flow to the rods. Insert the rods into the mounting brackets. Pull the curtains so that there is a panel on each corner of the bed. Let the curtains are grouped slightly on the floor around the bed.


Awnings with crown
While traditional awnings have decorative curtains around all sides of the bed, a canopy shaped crown has curtains that run from the wall above the headboard. Place a wooden or cardboard cornice to the wall with brackets. Large groups of fabric hangs down from the plate and falling around the two sides of the bed. This treatment is used for royal rooms or in a girl’s room with a princess theme.

Round Tilt
For a beach house or Mediterranean air, hanging sheer curtains or nets around the bed from a round canopy. Create a rounded dome of a basket hanging . Pinta Shopping white ceiling and then hang it on the head of the bed. Set the curtains to the basket with wire, and make them fall around the head of the bed. This conjures up images of breezes blowing through a cabin on the beach and provides a feeling of spaciousness.