The Best Parental Control Apps You Should Try In 2021

Web can be a dangerous place for kids, especially without adult supervision. As parents, it is our duty to protect our children from the explicit nature of the Internet. Service providers offering plans like  Spectrum WiFi plans accord great importance to internet safety for children.

Parental control apps are of great use when it comes to creating a safe web browsing experience for your child. Such apps allow you to keep a check on your child’s web activity and online conversations. The best parental control apps are free and easy to use.

Let’s explore some of them.


The trial version of Qustodio offers a range of excellent programs. It enables you to limit screen time, set time schedules and block pornography and other inappropriate content. This user-friendly app can be downloaded on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

The free version offers basic protection features on a single device. You have to choose from three yearly payment plan options in order to unlock its full features. The cheapest one costs $49.46 a year. Premium features allow you to track location, calls and text messages. You can also restrict access to applications on your smartphone as well as monitor social media activities.

The other two subscription plans are Qustodio Premium Medium and Qustodio Premium Large. These packages cost $87.26 and $124.16 a year respectively. The app is popular due to its comprehensive features and excellent free programs. It is also quite easy to use.


With Bark you can monitor your child’s activities across multiple social media platforms. It is compatible with most devices and offers customizable alerts for texts and emails. Moreover, you can set screen time limits and filter inappropriate content.

Another perk of Bark is that it offers tips on online safety. This allows parents to have honest conversations with their children. The app relies on advanced algorithms to screen texts, social media, and emails. You can select from one of the three alert options. These are relaxed, moderate, and strict.

The utility is designed to detect cyberbullying, pornography or any other sexual content, violence and depression, drug and alcohol related content, profanity, and weapons. You can choose from monthly and year payment plans. The first-tier costs $14 a month. The yearly subscription is $99. Users get a seven-day free-trial period.

OpenDNS FamilyShield

The parental control tools of FamilyShield have been designed to automatically block domains flagged by OpenDNS. The utility can function at router level. This means that all the traffic that passes through the user’s network router is filtered.

Another perk of FamilyShield is that it is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. It can also improve speed on some ISPs. OpenDNS Home VIP is the premium version of FamilyShield. It is a yearly subscription package available for $19.95.


This parental software app allows you to perform a number of functions. These include viewing messaging and call history, tracking the GPS location of your child’s mobile phone device, and accessing social media. You can also record all incoming and outgoing calls.

The basic version costs $29.99 a month, or $99.99 per year. The app works on a number of operating systems including Android and iOS.


KidLogger is designed to track your child’s search history and keystrokes. It also records the screen grabs they take and the programs they use. Moreover, it can record audio calls through voice activation. The drawback of the free version is that it only covers one device and doesn’t record audio.

The premium version, on the other hand, lets you silently monitor social media conversations and Skype calls. It is available in two packages. KidLogger Standard costs $29 a year. KidLogger Professional can be purchased for $89 per year. KidLogger works with Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, and BlackBerry.

Norton Family Premier

This cloud-based parental control software boats all-in-one protection. It allows you to supervise your child’s web activity, screen time, and mobile app use. Additional features include live location tracking and video supervision.

Norton Family Premier offers a 30-day free trial period. Users can choose from their paid subscription models. The basic package costs $49.99 per year. This full online security suit is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

It is important to have honest conversations with your children about the use of gadgets and web browsing. This way they will be able to understand the importance of parental control apps.