The amazing health benefits of hot peppers

When it comes to personal care, we’re more educated in the modern world. People are now using apps to monitor sleep patterns, they’re getting skin advice on YouTube, and they’re exercising at home using a range of sophisticated equipment. Another aspect of all-round health that people are paying more attention to is around diet, with much of the world’s population taking ownership of the food and drink they consume thanks to an array of beneficial resources in the modern world.

One area of healthy eating that has grown in awareness is around the array of beneficial ingredients that provide health benefits to the human body. We’ve seen the likes of goji berries and quinoa receive glowing references by health professionals in recent times, alongside a range of other relatively new foods. There is one ingredient that has been around for centuries and continues to offer a range of benefits when added into a diet, though, and that’s the humble and old hot chilli pepper. For some, the heat in a hot pepper can be too much to handle, perhaps avoiding them altogether unless they’re present in a sweet-tasting chocolate bar or through a session of the Hot Chilli slot game. For others, though, eating hot peppers is hugely important. Not only do they provide a glorious spicy kick to certain dishes, but they offer a range of health benefits too. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Promotes a healthy heart

Regular consumption of hot peppers is said to aid the circulatory system and help prevent heart disease. This is down to the presence of capsaicin, a chemical where the heat and health benefits come from. Eating chilli is good for your heart as it can reverse excessive blood clotting and help with blood flow.

Benefits the digestive tract

Believe it or not, but despite us being told that spicy food can upset our stomachs from time to time, that theory couldn’t actually be further from the truth. In fact, the capsaicin in peppers is actually an anti-irritant and contains a range of antioxidants and other chemicals. In turn, they can help with an upset stomach, diarrhoea, intestinal gas, and aid our all-round digestion.

Relieves joint paint

Another amazing known benefit of eating hot peppers is their ability to act as a pain reliever for people who suffer from regular joint pain. The presence of the aforementioned capsaicin from peppers offers a whole host of properties that helps to nullify pain. It’s so effective that it is even used for treating a range of pain types, including HIV neuropathy and shingles.

Promotes weight loss

Promotes weight loss

The consumption of spicy peppers is known to aid weight loss, too. Thanks to the presence of capsaicin, it improves our metabolism, which, in turn, can enable us to burn more calories and lose more weight in the process. Eating a hot pepper for breakfast has even been linked to lessening someone’s appetite throughout the day, too, therefore leaving them feeling more full and less likely to consume unnecessary calories throughout the day.

Reduces the risk of developing cancer

With hot peppers being packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, there is strong evidence to suggest that it can be highly successful at fighting off a range of different cancers. For instance, research shows that the consumption of large quantities of peppers can be effective against the likes of breast, pancreatic and bladder cancer.

Other health benefits from eating hot peppers include preventing allergies, helping to fight off bad breath, fighting cases of flu and colds, alleviating migraines, and decreasing the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.