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How to terracotta roofs for a house model

The terracotta roofs are an important detail that gives your models of Mediterranean houses an authentic feel, but do not have to be a master of clay to make them. In fact, you can reuse two old pieces of cardboard to make this type of roof. One of these pieces will be used as the basis of your roof and the other will become tiles in S used for terracotta roofs. Then place a bit of glue, scissors, pencil and paint for ceilings make your own models of terracotta.


house model

Preparing the roof tiles

Remove one side of two pieces of corrugated cardboard. Use the knife to remove excess pieces of rebar exposed.


Mix the putty walls with water (about 3 parts putty to 1 part water).
Spend petty barbecue through the holes in the corrugated cardboard pieces. These pinches the corrugated help keep its shape as you work with it.

Brush the mixture of putty and water on parts of the corrugated cardboard. Three to four layers will be sufficient.

Draw a line parallel to the corrugation on the basis of each arc in one piece of cardboard. If you have six corrugated arches, then will draw five lines. Delete removes rebar pinches barbecue.

Cut the piece of cardboard with lines to form strips. These strips should be 2/5 inch (1.3 cm).

Delete the remaining cardboard strips.

Cut strips of corrugated with lines drawn on them with pencil.

Making your roof

Paste cut rebar on your other piece corrugated cardboard. Begin to glue them to the basic right and ends a row.

Draw a line of 1/20 inch (0.12 cm) from the edge of the row of rebar placed once finished. This mark should be much overlap between rows. Continue placing rows and trace lines overlap until your roof is covered.

Trim excess along the edges of your roof.

Paint the ceiling finished with the colors of your choice.