Ten Tips for Caring for Clothing and Footwear

The secret to keep clothes in this optimal are these ten tips to care for clothes and shoes we tell you then.
The first thing we need is the space clean and organized and never keep dirty clothes in the closet. Moths are the main enemy. If you guides for these ten tips to protect your clothing and footwear your clothes will last longer.

1. Clean drawers and cupboards.

Twice a year empty all the drawers and cupboards, vacuum, wash and rinse them. Shelves and drawers lined with wallpaper, as it helps to scare away the moths .

2. War moths.

Twice a year check that moths have not jammed clothes. Throw damaged or take it to the dry cleaner clothes. Put repellent sachets of lavender and cedarwood in drawers and cupboards.

3. Alternate clothing.

Avoid using two consecutive days in the same clothes or shoes. Clothing lasts longer and looks better if it is aerated. Hang while retaining body heat to stretch.

4. Avoid clothes deformation.

When hanging clothes, buckles buttons, zippers closed and empty pockets. Do not fill the closet in excess, as the clothes need room to not moldy .

5. Avoid unnecessary washes.

Clothes are discolored and frayed if lavas often. You only get you put it a while and has not been soiled, hang it overnight in a well ventilated area before storing.

6. Classify underwear.

Use drawers different for fasteners (put a glass against the other), panties, panties and socks or buy an organizer compartments in a single drawer.

7. Save the clothes that are not in season.

Washed or dry cleaned carries clothing that is not in season , because the moths have a weakness for dirty clothes;if necessary and stored in dust proof bags, boxes, suitcases or trunks.

8. Do not detach shoes.

Place shoes in pairs shoemaker in a hanger canvas, in boxes with labels or boxes with transparent window to see what’s inside.

9. Dry thoroughly wet shoes.

If your shoes are wet, fill them with newspaper or kitchen and wait for it to dry naturally before storing. This will prevent warping.

10. Avoid shoes that smell.

Sprinkle the inside of the shoes stink with baking soda and leave overnight. In the morning, shake them or remove the baking vacuuming.