Painting wood furniture finishes and different color

Painting wood furniture

The well-made furniture can last for centuries, provided they are given proper finishing. Even wooden furniture painted in a dark color can be rescued without the hassle of removing the old finish. Use paint with oil-based enamel, which dries to a surface much harder than latex paints with water base. It is much less likely to paint with oil-based enamel to chip or peel in painted wood furniture, which can help your freshly painted and transformed piece last long.

Painting wood furniture


Clean the surface of wooden furniture with cleaner degreaser, such as trisodium phosphate. Using a soft cloth to spread the solution into the wood . Rinse timber thoroughly cleaning the trisodium phosphate solution with a cloth dampened with clean water. Rinse and squeeze the cloth frequently to make sure to rinse the surface. Dry the wood with a clean, soft and dry.

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Soundproofing an Apartment Floor

Apartment Floor

It’s pretty much common knowledge that living in an apartment is one of the noisiest places to live. You’d be dealing with loud children upstairs, fighting couples next door, loud stereos, house parties, crying babies and more. Also, there would be instances where you’d be doing some noisy stuff yourself, which can … Read more