Top 7 Plants Perfect for Backgrounds of Magazine Photoshoots

Pink and green leaves of the caladium plant

Plants can do wonders for setting your interior design theme, but they also work very well for several kinds of photoshoots. Many magazines use plants in their photoshoot background, whether it’s for staging an empty home or showcasing furniture. The right plant can set off the subject of a photograph in the … Read more

Yard and Garden Perennial Flowers: Fast Facts About Black-Eyed Susan

black eyed susan on fields

Probably most people have seen a black-eyed Susan plant before. This pretty plant that has vibrant yellow petals are common wildflowers that is native to North America where can be found growing in fields, gardens, and countrysides. They are also easily recognized because they have a distinct dark brown center along with bright … Read more

Guide to Yard and Garden Perennial Flowers

Compared to annual flowers that bloom all season, then die right after and never return unless you have a new plant, you can rely on the perennials that grow in your garden to create a much-welcomed look at almost every time of the year. They bloom for shorter periods, but you can … Read more

Yard and Garden Perennial Flowers: Interesting Facts About Lilacs

lilacs in basket

Also known as the “Queen of Shrubs,” lilacs are one of the most resilient and most aromatic flowering bushes that you can have in their gardens. You might identify them as a flower that you have seen from your grandma’s garden. In fact, nostalgia is one of the critical factors why lilacs … Read more

Yard and Perennial Flowers: Different Types of Salvia

Purple salvia blooms

Salvias, or also known as sages, are one of the most adaptable plants in the world. Almost all of its varieties are amazingly drought-tolerant, and it blooms beautiful pleasantly scented flowers that have attractive foliage. Another advantage of this perennial flower is that bunnies, deer, and other typical garden pests ignore the … Read more