Hydroponic Setups

Hydroponic Setups

Hydroponic setups are surprisingly easy to create and can give you year-round healthy homegrown vegetables. The name means ‘working water’ in Latin and simply means growing plants without using soil. The plants’ nutrition does not actually come from what they are planted in, which can be anything from gravel to coconut fiber … Read more

Best Way to Grow Tomatoes in a Container

Best way to grow tomatoes in a container

Germinate the seeds & let the saplings grow to a height of 8 inches. Make the final growing medium ready. Carefully uproot each sapling. Scrap the stems almost up to the leaves with a fine blade. Apply rooting hormone (for softwood plants) to the scrapped portion. Plant the sapling all the way … Read more

Our Vertical Hydroponic Growing Setup

When we built our hydroponic growing setup, we designed it with one main thing in mind – space, or rather the lack of it. Of all the Hydroponic Setups we had seen and researched on YouTube and the web, pretty much all of them seemed to have been built using a large … Read more