Decorating a Small Apartment

  Having a small apartment may give you some advantages like lower rent, less area to clean and cozier look – if you know how to properly place furnishings and decorate. However, a lot of people may not enjoy a small space because they think they have no space to be creative … Read more

Decorating a Brick Wall

A brick wall is a statement piece of its own. Whether it’s painted or in its natural reddish-brown color, it adds warmth, texture, and interest to any space. It suits a lot of design styles, from rustic to modern, from industrial to contemporary. Though it looks great even when left bare, you … Read more

Adding Finishing Touches to any Room

Imagine this scenario: you have renovated and updated the items in your home. You have replaced your flooring, repainted your walls, upgraded your electronics, replaced your upholstery and added new furniture. You might also have installed new radiators, put up new window treatments, and cleaned up the mess. You seem satisfied, admiring … Read more

Ideas for Dividing Small Spaces

Most people nowadays, especially those living in studio apartments in cities, are forced to settle in smaller spaces. Sometimes, the bedroom, living room, and kitchen even share the same area. While it can be a challenge to manage your home when you only have one room, there are many creative options to … Read more