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Tables decorated for birthdays and special dates

Do you lack ideas for decorating the table on special occasions? We give some decorated for birthdays inspiration that can serve tables. However, we do not pretend that they are the same, but inspire you so you can make your version of the best possible way. No need to put 50 balloons around the table, maybe 20 is enough. The key is to give a personal touch to the table and make the birthday boy or girl feel unique in its day. Look at the following pictures and Aim ideas!


Hawaiian birthday

One of the easiest for inspiration when decorating ways is to find a topic. Decoration taking the base, it is easy to start placing ornaments and choose colors. In this case, we have chosen a birthday table lanais. Therefore, the colors are striking, and predominantly yellow and blue.  Flamingos and frame adorned with grommets also are our preferred details. Try putting it all around a white table. It will give much more play and highlight even more colors.

A very colorful birthday

Here is an example of how you can be done decorated for birthdays without extravaganzas and much money tables. As you see in the picture above the exterior brick wall and bring a plus to the environment. However, sometimes we do not have so idyllic to mount our birthday decoration scenarios. Therefore, we propose this option suitable for all stays.

It is a curtain of colored paper cut into wide strips. All joined at the top by a border of colorful balloons. In this way, you hide the wall behind. Do not spend one euro! Look for one paper you have at home and decorate it with colored spots. And as you see it is not difficult to copy, you just need a little skill and patience. Place a wooden stick (serving a small branch) at one end of the table. It covers it with a black tablecloth and tie down at the end of the stick.

Try to put some strings above the table and with pinstripes, creates a small sailboat. Otherwise, we leave it in the hands of your imagination. The theme already has it you just have to ‘give a little coconut. Sometimes, if the guests are too many you cannot play much with the table decorations. Many ornaments can be a mess and somewhat uncomfortable at a long table with more than 10 guests. We would opt for this easy while original idea.

Make table centerpieces by filling a glass jar with colored gum as easy, cheap and simple as that. Place three or four, depending on the length of the table. Pass out a plate of color to each diner and tie a balloon on the chair the same color as appropriate. So, you will give a touch of color without being a nuisance during the meal. It is a perfect idea for birthday teenagers who do not want too much ‘paraphernalia’ in the celebrations.